Monday, 30 March 2009

Review: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation



  1. Great review - I think I'll have to give this a try! I'll be going to the body shop event too on Thursday at the afternoon session - I hope to see you there! xxx

  2. I love this stuff! In the US, it's called Dream Matte Mousse but the UK version sounds much better. I love the coverage and air-brushed look. I am a MAC NC25 and I wear light 4 so this foundation definitely matches higher end foundations.
    Thanks for the review :)

  3. heyy, i'm 14 and i found this so useful, i thought the golf ball with the dimples looked a bit suspicious but this really evened me out, i want to look as natural as possible due to an eye infection that's made my eyes go red so i want to at least look a little flawless, plus if it covers up pores then it will be really helpful for me
    this was a great review thank youuu! :)
    x x x

  4. Totally agree with this review! I live in the US but I was visiting family in the UK this summer and misplaced my foundation and was going out that night so I ran to the nearest Boots just to pick up any old foundation when I found this. I was not expecting anything special, and only chose it because I am familiar with maybelline. Well I was so shocked to love it as much as I do! I actually prefer it over my makeup forever hd foundation, which is insane because it is SO much cheaper! Well I am home in America now and have just finished my maybelline dream satin liquid foundation so I went to the drugstore to get another bottle...only to find out they don't sell the dream satin liquid here in the US! :( I was so bummed. I bought the nearest thing to it, the Dream Liquid Mousse which is supposedly the US version of the foundation but the shades are completely different and already the lightest shade is too dark for me. Next time I'm over there I am stocking up!


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