Saturday, 7 March 2009

Lilylolo mineral makeup class

Today I taught my first mineral makeup class in Dermalogica in High Street Kensington. I was quite nervous at first as I have not done anything like this before, but it was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to the next one :).
I decided to keep my makeup pretty neutral, but still polished.

If any of you are interested in taking this class or seeing lilylolo cosmetics in person you are welcome to book the next class. It will be at 11am on Saturday the 21st (and I believe it is free if you sign up to the Dermalogica mailing list). You can visit their site for more information or call to book a place on 0800 345 SKIN (7546).

Hopefully I shall see some of you there :).



  1. hi there! I came across your blog from lillipop26 :) I looove this look! it looks so simple and elegant at the same time

  2. Beautiful look, you look very pretty and polished indeed! That lip colour is gorgeous

  3. Hey Natalya! Well done on ur first mineral make-up class!

    I'm a mineral make-up lover and find for me it's the best type of foundation for my skin. I currently use L'Oreal Minerals Foundation & noticed you mentioned their mineral foundation good?

  4. Do Dermalogica make Lilylolo?

  5. Hi Natalya, I bought that Inika mineral foundation you mentioned in a vid once but I don't get any coverage at all from it, is this Lilo stuff similar? I want to like mineral stuff but that put me off. What type of techniques are you teaching? Is it just foundation. Wish I could go but sadly can't do Saturdays... Hope you enjoyed it, you are definitely a master at makeup x

    No they don't. Dermalogica just advise people to use mineral makeup ad host classes, one of which is how to apply makeup using lilylolo products :)

  7. @gail- yes I saw in your video that you said you got no coverage from it :(. Minerals are generally really buildable, but I find I can get a good coverage with the lilylolo foundations. I would recommend ordering a sample from their website- its only £0.99 so you can try it and see how you feel :).

  8. Thats very enterprising of Dermalogica, I wish I lived near by to attend. I'll definitely order a few samples to try it out x

  9. I'll definately check it out, I'm not too far from Kensington. My name is Anne.... I'm not sure if there'll be anything for my skin tone but it's worth a shot :) I'll ring up and ask in advance.

    Hope to see you there! And congrats on the first class.

  10. OMG! you are GORGEOUS! glad to found your blog!

  11. such a doll face :)
    love your makeup here


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