Sunday, 15 March 2009

The cycle of life/ my hair :)

After watching the ever dramatic makeovers on ANTM and reading fellow bloggers' posts about their hair history, I thought that I would do my own.

Now my hair is 'kind of a big deal', but being a lazy girl at heart I often 'wash and go'. I don't spend much time styling it, unless it is for a special occasion.

When I was younger I hated that my hair was curly/wavy and just wanted it to be poker straight, but I have grown to appreciate it :). It is not particularly thick, but there is lots and lots of it, and every hairdresser complains and tries to layer it to death to take the weight out. However, I prefer big hair and my go to styling option is heated rollers and backcombing. You know what they say- the bigger the hair, the smaller the waist, and I completely agree :).

So let us begin. The oldest photo I could find on my computer was me aged 16. My hair is long, layered and home dyed red, but it faded to an orangey hue in the strong sun as I was living in Bermuda at the time.
At 17, I decided to get a long side fringe, this is at school and I don't know why I look so scared...

I get bored quickly, so a few months later I had a full fringe cut in as I loved Beyonce's video at the time where she had a clip-in that looked stunning!
This is me in the beginning of summer 2005 (I'm 18) at my end of school ball with my bf at the time.
After spending the summer travelling my hair got much lighter in the sun. This is Fresher's week at uni- so Oct 2005

The next summer (2006) I decided I would try blonde, though it did not come out the way I wanted it to..

So I dyed it back to brown, but it went rather purple!
I just kept on dying it brown as the ends were stubbornly trying to get back to blonde, and it grew very long, almost to my waist, though you can't see it here...
I went for the chop, and got a wispy fringe in beginning of summer 2007.
In November 2007 I got blondey highlights.I then dyed it red in April 2008.

And back to brownThen I got a fringe again in Jan '09.. can you see a pattern forming here? heheThank goodness my hair grows like Jack's beanstalk.

Hope you guys enjoyed this trip down hair memory lane :).
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