Wednesday, 18 February 2009

26 shadow and blush pallette

I was very excited to find this palette on ebay for just £7.00 and only £6.59 for shipping from HK (seller- abestlife). I had seen many reviews of it and was eyeing it up on coastal scents for quite some time, however it was $21.95 on the coastal scents website and shipping prices from there to the UK are always ludicrous. So I ordered this palette along with the 10 blush palette and it came a few days ago. After swatching the shadows I was really looking forward to using them as there were some interesting colours and the payoff was pretty good. I even filmed a tutorial yesterday morning to post on my channel.

However, the shock came when I got home last night. I had been getting a strange headache all evening and my eyes felt sore and puffy. Not thinking anything of it I decided to just get to bed, but when I started taking my eye makeup off I noticed that the skin on my eyelids was red and patchy. I had obviously had an allergic reaction to these shadows and my eyelids were very sore and inflamed. Even this morning they were looking somewhat puffy and discoloured.

I wanted to make this post just to tell you guys to be careful! Of course I know the dangers of buying makeup on the Internet as you can never guarantee it will be of a good quality, especially when the price is so low. So, I guess getting a bargain is not always worth it. Do any of you have this palette and have you had any problems? Please let me know :).
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