Thursday, 12 February 2009


I finally got my MAC Pro card! Yay!! Though it has not actually arrived yet as it apparently "flies from Canada" (I just have this image of the card with wings flying accross the ocean.. teehee), but I am on the system at last, so I went on a little spree :).

I purchased the new Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15, as I have read so many good reviews, and since my skin has been very dry recently with all this cold weather I thought I would give it a go! I also got some water based mixing medium for use with pigments, glitter and what not, as well as all that glitters eyeshadow. I really wanted the 214 brush, but they had sold out at the pro store :(. Does anyone know if they have it in other London stores?.

I then went to Boots and could not resist picking up the REVLON colourstay foundation too. Naughty really since I just got one at MAC, but this promised great coverage, which I certainly need at times (you know what I mean girls). I also purchased Benefit's That Gal brightening face primer as recommended by TiffanyD. I can't wait to test it out as I have not had great luck with primers thus far!


  1. Great buys! You'll love the Studio Sculpt... It does wonders! <3

  2. Hey natalya!
    Why don't you buy it on website? I don't know if you get your pro-discount there, but I'd rather loose the discount and get the brush. (I have it, by the way! LOVE IT! Worth every penny in my mind!)

    here's the link:

    Hope it helps. :)
    Xristinakie (Christina)

  3. Revlon ColourStay is a really good coverage foundation, I have a review of it on my blog, and also on my website: if you fancy checking it out! Let us know how you get on with Studio Sculpt, and the Benefit primer! x x x

  4. how did you get a pro card? x

  5. love your blog!
    you definitely should get the 214 brush!! besides being a great smudge brush, it's PERFECT for cutting and defining the crease and the outer v. I am completely in love with mine.

  6. Let us know about the Benefit That Gal primer! I've wanted to give it a go, but have never used a primer and want to make sure its a worth while investment. Keep us posted :-) I really want a Pro Card....d'oh!

  7. my application has been approved as well, got charged on my CC already, but still no card. yes they send it over from Canada, from Toronto to be precise, Mac Pro Membership Head Office is located in Yonge st, mom lives just around the corner...shall I tell her to go and nudge ? ihihihih


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