Wednesday, 11 February 2009


My nails have been really horrible recently :(. No matter what I did they broke, peeled and were generally really weak. So, after weeks of trying to hide them under nail polish, which did not help as it chipped about an hour after application, I have finally given in and got gel extensions. I figured that since they were so awful anyway they can't possibly look any worse! I am so happy I don't have to hide my hands in shame anymore!! They are very short, no longer than my natural nails, but so much stronger.. YAY!!


  1. Those look lovely - I'm getting really fed up with my nails too at the moment. I like them square and fairly short. They look ok for about a week and then the slightest tap makes them split across from the side, so to prevent the split from going across the nail bed I have to cut them really short and start again. I have so many lovely polishes but can't show them off because my nails are so rubbish!

  2. I just adopted this look as well. It's strange how many compliments you receive....people really do notice your hands...even my oblivious bf noted them. Success!

  3. They look great! It took me so long to get my nails in shape, but it's so nice to have pretty nails to show off :)

  4. Ah they look gorgeous! I've never had gel nails done, only acrylics! How do they compare? (My nails are in a state too!)


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