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Leonor Greyl

With humble beginnings in a single Paris salon and with more than 45 years in the business of haircare Leonor Greyl is definitely a brand that has stood the test of time! Specialising in hair treatments using only high-quality, environmentally-safe, natural ingredients like honey, bamboo, sunflower, and chamomile with blends of delicate aromas and plant extracts, Leonor Greyl products give hair brilliance, glamour, beauty…and most importantly health!

In fact it was the first brand to incorporate essential vitamins like A and E in their shampoos. Their signature, vitamin-rich Wheat Germ Oil was the first oil developed that foams on contact with water to revitalize limp hair, purify oily scalps, and fight the effects of environmental factors on hair health. Where a harsh, chemical treatment for dandruff was the norm, Leonor Greyl was the first to formulate a coal tar-free dandruff shampoo, gentle enough for everyday use. The main ingredient used was propolis - a powerful, natural antibiotic, that is a resin gathered by bees from tree bark and leaves.
Leonor Greyl is popular with hair stylists and celebs alike, so much so that it was recently used in a number of gorgeous red carpet looks, such as Samantha Barks' chic updo and Jennifer Lawrence's Bafta style. To help create these styles Johnnie Sapong, coiffure extraordinaire, has put together a how to guide that's super easy to follow:

Leonor Greyl products used to create the look above:


1) Apply Lait Luminescence to dry hair layering on Serum de Soie for an extra soft, nourished feel. Using a paddle brush, dry in the product into hair using a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment.

2) Once product is fully absorbed, use a tooth brush and gently brush hair back sleek and smooth. Pull hair into a ponytail and fast with elastic. Smooth over Huile Secret de Beaute over the tail.

3) To create the bun(chignon) split the ponytail in two and create a rope braid to wrap around the base to create the bun(chignon).

4) Twist the ponytail, then pin into a bun. Finish the look using Laque Souple, lock down any fly-
away using Gel a la Keratine mixed with Ecat Naturel which can be applied using a tint brush for an accurate application.

When asked what his celeb clients think of LG products Johnnie told us that they 'love the feeling of lg products! They feel like its giving good nourishment for the hair at the same time as not over loading with silicones, the fragrance and how it works on hair, they have a love for the Leonor Greyl products.'
Have you ever tried any Leonor Greyl products? I was recently sent the hair oil (Huile de Palme) and have loved using it as a deep conditioning product prior to shampooing. It provides great hydration for my over processed hair and smells great too!

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