Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bikram Yoga with Always Infinity

As the evenings start to get shorter and colder the temptation of a scenic jog in the park begins to wane and all manner of excuses begin to take shape! One of the most common is of course when you are not quite feeling your best during that time of the month. Besides wanting to curl up on the sofa and eat ice cream there is always the worry of not quite being able to feel confident whether you are throwing yourself around Pineapple Studios or mentally hitting the Olympic velodrome in your early morning spin class.

To make sure us ladies can no longer use these excuses Always have been hard at work creating the new generation of pad and the most exciting Always innovation to hit the market for over 20 years. The Always Infinity is the only pad made from a liquid foam to absorb liquid that moulds to your body (like memory foam) so you barely feel it, and then reverts back to its original shape with almost no bunching.

To put this to the test I was challenged to a Hot Bikram Yoga class. If 90 minutes of sweat, heat and contortion couldn’t tell me whether the claims were true, I don’t know what could!

As I’m not naturally a very bendy person I did find the class very challenging! As well as being very hot and humid the bikram studio was completely packed so that mats were laid out side by side. It took all my concentration to make sure I didn’t topple over on anyone as my head quickly began to swim... and spin. The one thing that I wasn’t worried about was the protection that the Always Infinity was giving me. The new pads are super thin and very comfortable, but despite this they can absorb up to 10 times their weight. I barely even noticed them and despite the array of circus like poses everything stayed in its place with no mishaps.

I guess I can never use this as an excuse ever again and will have to invent more imaginative ways of getting out of going to the gym from now on!

For more information you can check out the Always website here. And if you want to put the new Always Infinity to the test yourself just let me know in the comments below as I will be giving away a box this week!
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