Thursday, 13 October 2011

Rigby & Peller Bra Amnesty for Breast Cancer Care

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Rigby & Peller are showing their support through their bra amnesty for Breast Cancer Care!
From 4th to 31st October for every bra that you recycle you receive £10 off per bra that you purchase from their new Autumn / Winter range. R&P will also be donating £1 for every 10 recycled bras to BCC. To take advantage of this offer you can visit R&P stores with your old bras to receive £10 towards a new bra purchase.

The founder June Kenton is a breast cancer survivor, so the cause is a personal one for her and inspired her to develop a dedicated range with a specialised fitting service for mastectomy sufferers and prosthesis.

Hope you guys can make the best of this offer, and for a good cause too! xxx



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