Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rebel Nails

I have been very much intrigued by the new 'nail wraps' that are popping up all over the place. As much as I love collecting bottles of nail polishes I am the first to admit that my impatience, coupled with my very shaky hands, doesn't often result in the neatest of manicures. I normally leave my nails to the professionals and have become a familiar face in my local nail salon. However, this can be a very expensive habit!

I was therefore very much excited to try Rebel Nails! They have a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from and are more affordable than other wraps (though I think of them more akin to stickers) on the market.
I decided to go for all out glitter in silver for my first attempt and was impressed by just how quick and easy they were to put on. Each pack has a good selection of sizes to suit most nails, and plenty of extras if you make a mistake.

The nail wraps should be applied to clean, polish free nails. Though I had to cheat here (as you will probably see in the photos). As I have gel nails that are in desperate need of refills and trimming I left my nail polish on because using nail varnish remover could have lifted some areas of the gel nails.

To apply the nails I used the plastic guide that comes in each pack to select the size most appropriate for each nail. I then peeled the Rebel nail design from the backing and warmed it with a hair dryer for a few seconds. This is probably the most tricky part as sometimes the adhesive edge can stick to your finger, but if you angle the hairdryer down this shouldn't be a problem. I then applied the nail wrap to the nail, starting with the curved edge at the cuticle, and smoothed out any creases or bubbles towards the edge of the nail. I wrapped the excess over the edge of the nail and filed it off using downward strokes. Easy!
Even on my first attempt my nails were done in less than 10 minutes - no drying, no smudging, and no mess! As you can see above there were some ridges due to the gels, so I expect they will be much easier to apply and last longer on natural nails (up to 2 weeks). After three days of perfect wear I found that the edges did lift a little when I was washing my hair so I decided to remove them. I'm sure you all know how difficult it is to remove glitter polishes, so it was great to be able to peel them off in seconds!
If you are interested in trying Rebel Nails for yourself they have been kind enough to provide a discount of 15% between the 20th of October and 1st of November with the code NATALYA15 to be used at checkout. 
Plus to get in the Halloween mood Rebel Nails are running a special promotion! With a minimum spend of £10 between 20th - 31st October on a set of fun halloween themed wraps will automatically be added to your order.

I will definitely be practising my technique and playing arounbd with different designs so watch this space... ;).

Have you tried nail wraps? What do you think of them? What designs would you like to see? xxx

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