Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sheer Stella

As much as I believe in having a 'signature' fragrance it's always fun to mix it up. I love trying new fragrances and use a different one every day depending on my mood or the occasion. I was therefore excited to be given the opportunity to try Stella McCartney's new limited edition fragrance Sheer Stella. A lighter, crisper version of the original this fragrance is a perfect choice for the summer as it's light and easy to wear. One of my friends wore the original fragrance quite frequently when we were living together, so it always brings back fond memories!
With a heart of peony and rose this is a classically girly, sweet and floral fragrance. I am a big fan of rose scents, though I know some think they are a little old fashioned. The grape and plum top notes, as well as lemon and apple middle notes help to make this classic fragrance a little more modern and fresh.

Sheer Stella retails at £38, though I have found it online for £32.99 here.

Have you tried the new Sheer Stella fragrance, or the original? What perfumes are you wearing this summer? xxx


  1. This is my fave perfume. I'd love to try the sheer :)

  2. i have this and love it. I also love rose scents, i want to try paul smith rose next!


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