Sunday, 3 July 2011


On Tuesday night the bf and I went to see the cast of Glee live at the O2. Having received the tickets as a New Year gift (Russians celebrate New Year instead of Christmas, so I celebrate both!) we were eagerly anticipating the date... though when I say we I really mean just me.
Yup.. I'm a total Gleek ;). 
Swallow print dress is from Oasis sale here.
Luckily we had pretty good seats, so it was actually easier to watch the stage than the screens and the mini stage in the middle of the arena was right opposite us. I took too many pictures to share them all, but here are a few of my favourites :).

It's Britney B*tch.. or Bitey in this photo lol ;).
Puck walked through the crowd accompanied by 5 bodyguards... tough guy huh?
Mercedes was incredible.. such a powerful voice!
The Warblers!

 All the single ladies...
and Kurt...
 We had such an amazing night that I almost lost my voice. I admit I am the world's worst singer, but if there's a prize for trying... ;).

Do you love Glee? Did you see them in concert this week? Did I just completely shatter your opinion of me? lol xxx


  1. I love a bit of Glee! Wish I could've gone, it looks amazzzzing!


  2. Sounds and looks amazing and glad you had a good view! I'm not a gleek per se but do watch the odd episode every now and again...anything upbeat that gets me singing into my hairbrush is always a winner with me!

    Amy x


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