Friday, 15 July 2011

Eucerin AQUAporin Active Review

Eucerin is a brand I'm not too familiar with, but have always seen mentioned in various magazines and recommended by MUAs, so I was interested in trying out some of their products. Having a quick browse through their website I was impressed to see that Eucerin is heavily involved in research, with over 650 international international scientists carrying out dermatological research in their newly opened centre in Hamburg.

Eucerin's new  AQUAporin Active Range was inspired by a Nobel Prize-winning discovery - *aqua porins* are proteins that sit in the cell membrane forming channels that allow water to pass into and out of the cell... no googling there - I knew that Science degree would come in handy one day ;). Therefore, to increase skin's hydration the Eucerin AQUAporin Active range aims to support the skin's aquaporin production.Unlike many other creams targeted at specifically dry skin  this range tries to restore the moisture levels of dehydrated skin. Any 'type' of skin (whether normal, oily, sensitive, or dry) can become dehydrated when faced with the elements!

Havings spent years delving through mountains of scientific papers in order to prove any hypotheses I had I am always keen to see the results of trials. Studies of the Eucerin AQUAporin Active range show that in people aged 19-60 years, half of whom had sensitive skin, there was an immediate and a long-term impact on the skin's moisture content. After the initial 24 hours, more than 90% said there had been an instant and remarkable moisturisation within the skin. After the initial week, more than 96% said their skin was protected from drying out. Three days after the last application, more than 93% felt their skin was still thoroughly moisturised. Sounds pretty compelling, but did it work for me?

As I only had a week to test out the range I decided to split the work load and offer some to a colleague who suffers with dry skin. As I have pretty oily skin that is also sensitive I felt that between the two of us we had most bases covered.

She used the Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE  Moisturising Cream Rich (£13.27) for dry and sensitive skin. She was initially worried that it may be a little too thick, but was pleasantly surprised by the light consistency and how easily it absorbed into the skin. The whole range is noncomedogenic and works well as a makeup base as it doesn't 'sit' on the skin. She assured me that she would repurchase as she felt it made her skin much soother and softer and soothed any problematic dry patches. She gave it an 8/10, and only because she felt that the effects didn't last all the way through to the end of a long working day.

Meanwhile I was testing out the Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream Light for normal to combination skin (£13.27). I liked the smooth and light texture of the cream and thought it worked perfectly in the morning as it sunk in quickly ready for me to apply my makeup almost straight away. The cream has a faint scent that I can only describe as 'clean'. As my skin is naturally quite oily it doesn't often look or feel particularly dehydrated, though at times when I have had my skin analysed it has shown up as a little on the dehydrated side.

As I have just spent the last week on holiday in Turkey I had the perfect opportunity to also test out the Eucerin AQUA Porin Active Moisturising Cream SPF15 (£13.27). This cream is a little heavier, but still relatively light and in no way greasy. I am often wary of creams wih SPF as sometimes they can be too heavy on my skin and even cause blocked pores and blemishes. Luckily, this cream didn't cause me any problems and worked well to shield my skin from the harmful rays, as well as retain moisture.

Overall I have really enjoyed trying out Eucerin's new range and look forward to learning more about this brand in the future. Have you tried any Eucerin products? Do you suffer from dehydrated skin? Are you interested in trying out this new range?

* This is a sponsored review. As always all opinions are my own.*


  1. it's so expensive here in Singapore..Eucerin!


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