Monday, 20 June 2011

Isklar with Jessica Lowndes aka Adrianna 90210

When an invite for an Isklar (Norwegian mineral water) event dropped into my inbox, I was more than a little surprised. Normally I would send anything unrelated to the subject of this blog into the junk folder, but something prompted me to keep reading and I'm very glad that I did! Isklar were holding a beauty event featuring three different glacial looks taken from the catwalk and made wearable. As the ambassador of the brand the beautiful Jessica Lowndes aka Adrianna from 90210 was in attendance and even created her own looks on three girls!

Being a bit of a closet 90210 fan (along with every other girl in my office) I was very much excited to meet her! I can wholeheartedly testify that she is indeed breathtakingly stunning in person - petite, curvy and radiant. It was especially lovely to see her being friendly with everyone. She was all smiles when doing the makeovers and patiently agreed to lots of photos being taken.
Isn't she beautiful! Shame I look like such a muppet trying to crouch down next to her so I don't look like a giant...

I managed to get a little action shot of Jessica's work during the makeovers and was impressed by her makeup skills as the end look was really pretty!
If you are interested the gorgeous blush Jessica is wearing is Bare Minerals vintage peach, which I am also wearing in our photo together ;).

Are you a fan of 90210 and Jessica Lowndes? xxx


  1. Jessica is so beautiful! She has a great voice! I also lover her in 90210,she is my fave character! Kisses

  2. ommfg i met her 222 at an fhm event in london, isnt her aura aamazing?

  3. Yes she's pretty but you're absolutely stunning and look beautiful in that photo!! <3 I'm glad she was so nice and it sounds like you had a lovely time! xoxo

  4. she looks stunning! i'm a huge 90210 addict, i just watched all three seasons again in under a week haha x

  5. I'm totally in love with 90210 and Jessica Lowndes... the problem is that in Spain, where I'm from, we see the plot the next week you do TT
    Both of you look great in that photo :)


  6. Oh how wonderful that you got to meet her! Huuuge fan of 90210. Had no idea she did makeup as well! Your both looking stunning lovely :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. omg i love 90210 :)lucky you!


  8. aah, I'm so jealous! I love Jessica & 90210. ♥

  9. My 12yr old daughter and her friend met Jessica in South Kensington, London last week. The schools were on strike and they couldn't believe their luck when they spotted her. She then made their day by spending a few hours with them. A truly beautiful person inside and out....

  10. i love her too but she is so racist she wipe off her mouth when she kiss dixion off the set that not right. jessi we kive in free country. why choose to be racist why. if did not like dixie then don't kiss him. don't do love scene with him then wipe off your mouth off the set. shame on you shame


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