Sunday, 12 June 2011

Aqua Sheko Fish Spa

The first time I saw a fish spa I was traveling in Thailand, and though I was intrigued by the idea I didn't feel brave enough to try it as I was a little apprehensive about lying (submerged up to my neck!) in a tank full of nibbly fish. Luckily, it hasn't taken long for fish spas to make their mark in the European beauty industry, with new salons sprouting up all over the highs streets, fish spas are now seen as a truly indulgent treat. As I am always on the look out for new trends and new pampering experiences I was excited to try my first fish pedicure at Aqua Sheko's glamourous flagship salon in London's Soho. Being one of the first premier fish spas in London Aqua Sheko is popular with celebs and bridal parties alike ;).
Upon arrival at Aqua Sheko I was warmly greeted at reception before being taken down into the spa, where my feet were washed in preparation for the hungry Garra Rufa fishies ;). I was treated to the Aqua Sheko Deluxe package (£45), which includes 25mins of fish therapy and a 20 minute massage. I chose the foot fish therapy as my tired feet were in dire need of pampering.
Although I am quite 'ticklish' when it comes to my feet, the gentle biting action of the fish didn't bother me - it felt almost like I had my feet in a jacuzzi, with the bubbles gently massaging my feet. There were a few fish who nibbled more vigorously than others, but it didn't feel sore or uncomfortable at any point. After the first few minutes I began to relax and enjoy the green tea and spicy snacks that were thoughtfully included as part of the package.
With the dark interior of the salon, the gentle trickling sound of water and mesmerizing movement of the fish I felt like I had been transported far away from the bustling streets of Soho!

After the fish pedicure my feet felt incredibly smooth and soft, so much so that my shoes felt slippery! The fish had done a wonderful job at removing hard skin, even in hard to reach areas around the cuticles and at the back of the foot. I have also read that this treatment does wonders for a vast range of skin ailments including eczema and psoriasis.

For the second part of my treatment I was lead into a small room, separated by a curtain from the main salon, where I had a neck and shoulder massage. Though 'neck and shoulder' is rather deceptive as the masseuse managed to work out some knots in my back, as well as massage my arms and head. After a long day spent slouching over a desk my back truly felt rejuvenated, while the tension in my shoulders had melted away.

The Aqua Sheko fish spa was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone searching for a fun and original treatment. With prices starting from £17 (for 15 mins of hand fish therapy) it makes an affordable treat for yourself, as well as a great pampering present for a loved one.

Have you ever tried fish therapy? Let me know what you think of my new Garra Rufa fish friends ;). xxx
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