Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Garnier Ultralift Challenge - Free 14 Day Sample Kit

According to recent statistics 71% of of consumers don’t believe in anti-ageing claims, and I admit I am one of them. Being on the right side of 25 (not that I'm suggesting there's a 'wrong' side) I haven't delved too deeply into anti-ageing skincare, but even so I have my doubts as to its efficacy, and whether all the highly celebrated and subsequently highly priced creams really do what they say on the jar - reduce or prevent those wrinklies.
Coming from a scientific background I need to be presented with real evidence before I believe anything, so I was interested to see that Garnier are hoping to convince us sceptics once and for all with their Ultralift Challege. To take part all you have to do is sign up here (takes less than a minute) and you will be sent a free 14 day sample kit plus a ‘Wrinkle Reader’ to measure your progress. No strings :). Though after your trial you are welcome to visit the website and share your results!

I have just registered for my free kit... though as I don't think I will make the best test subject all that's left to do is find a willing guinea pig *looks furtively around the office*...

Have you tried Garnier Ultralift? Will you be taking part in Garnier's Ultralift Challenge in the coming weeks? Please do let me know how you all get on! xxx


  1. My kit arrived 2 days ago and I haven't used it yet! I'm 16 so don't need it, but hey.. it's nice to try new things :) xx

  2. Aw it's only for UK and Ireland :[


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