Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Take the heat, battle the cold.

Though I would not describe myself as 'low-maintenance' in many aspects (and if I did I would be lying lol) I can admit that I am pretty lazy when it comes to my hair. There are few products that I really rely on and tend to try new things all the time. So when I use a product and notice a difference that actually makes me incorporate it into a routine I know it is something worth mentioning!

As you all know my hair is long, naturally curly/wavy and is often abused with heat styling and dyes. I therefore try to wash it no more than every 2/3 days. Since I have trained my hair to go a little longer between washes it doesn't get particularly greasy, but it can fall rather flat, so I use dry shampoo at the roots in the mornings to refresh it. In the Summer I usually let my hair air dry and find a style that works with my natural curls. However, in the Winter I can't afford walk around with wet hair as my sickly nature usually means I will get a cold (see earlier rant about my lack of immune system lol).

Although I wouldn't describe my frantic waving of the hair dryer as 'blow-drying' per se, it is still damaging to my hair and I always try to use a heat protectant. I have always been a little dubious of how well these work, especially as after blotting my hair with a towel I end up spraying it with heat protectant thus making it more wet, so it takes longer to dry, which means more heat? Though my logic may be flawed, it can all be bit of a nuisance. Let's face it, a product that promises to protect my hair from heat damage isn't exactly exciting as you can't really tell it is working. I wanted something multi-purpose to combat other hair problems as well as prevent damage. So when Aussie sent me their new Take the Heat range I was happy to try it out, and I have not been dissappointed.
If my hair needs a little extra conditioning I will use the spray, but normally I use one pump of the cream through the mid-lengths and ends of towel dried hair, and as it doesn't feel sticky it spreads evenly and easily, while smelling delicious. I have noticed a difference with this over the heat protectants as it also helps to tame the frizz that comes with my manic speed drying technique (hopping on one leg is optional), while somehow reducing the static in my hair. Now I don't know if it's just me, but during the colder months, with the layers of jumpers, scarves and hats, my hair ends up erring on the side of 'electrocution'. The shorter layers always seem to shy away from gravity, and more than once I have noticed a halo of static surrounding me like a desert lion. Since using this cream my hair is a little more tame and sleek, and fingers crossed not damaged by the heat I subject it to :).

Have you tried any products from the new Aussie Take The Heat range? Are there any heat defence products you can recommend? Do you have your own special way of drying your hair? Do share! (if only to make me feel less embarrassed) xxx


  1. John Frieda root awakening detangling spray w/ heat protectant

  2. I really love the Aussie products especially the 3 minute miracle deep conditioner as it's heaven in a bottle for my for my dry, parched hair. I haven't tried the mentioned 'Aussie Take the heat product yet', so I'm really glad you reviewed it. (I completely trust your reviews!):).

    Currently I've been using the 'TRESemme heat tamer spray'. Have you ever used it? I love it! It's made my hair much more softer, tamer(winter frizz yuck!)and it smells great.

    Is 'Take the heat' better? If you've used the TRESemme one, could you let me know if the Aussie one is better when compared. Thank you so much and get well soon :)

  3. i'm ashamed to say i don't use heat protectants on my hair since i wash/blow dry nearly every day =/

    i'll definitely try this out :)

  4. oh my gosh I am having that problem at the mo 2!! My hair seems to be lifting up to the heavens of its own accord! Only just dyed it using John Frieda's Precision Foam, then straightened after, maybe thats why? I use GHD'S Thermal Protecter, but am a huge fan of Aussie so may give this a whirl :)

    Aysh xoxo

  5. Hi Natalya. I just need your opinion on this product vs another one. Have you used the TRESemme hair tamer spray? Is 'Take the heat' better? If you've used the TRESemme one, could you let me know if the Aussie one is better when compared. I already use the TRESemme one, and was planning to order the 'Aussie Take the heat', but i wanted to ensure it's different/better than TRESemme. I mostly have to order things online and usually have to pay through my teeth for shipping charges :(. So just want to make sure it's worth it! thanks!

  6. @Chatterpants I like the TreSemme for everyday use as it's light, but with the colder weather I prefer the Aussie as it feels a little richer. If you style your hair a lot, or have frizzy hair I would recommemd the Aussie, because it works as a styling cream as well as heat protectant. However, if you don't need the extra control the Tresemme is great too. Hope that helps hun! xxx

  7. Thanks Natalya. I bought the 'Aussie take the heat' and loving it too. you are right, its a little richer but well suited for these cold months, guess in summer i could switch to TreSemme. Thanks for the helpful review! :)


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