Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Liz Earle Signature Facial Secrets

A few weeks ago I was treated to a Liz Earle Signature facial. After hearing from Liz about how wonderful it is, and that even she struggles to get an appointment as they are so popular, I was excited to say the least. After a long Friday at work I was definitely ready to start the weekend with a little pampering!

The signature facial took place in the Liz Earle treatment rooms in their flagship store, just off the King's Road. The first step was to fill in a short form about what I wanted from my facial and any skin concerns I had, as well as a few select questions about my diet and beauty routine, and the products I relied on.
After taking a second to change into one of their soft dressing gowns, and getting tucked into what can only be described as a (heated!) bed, I was already feeling relaxed.  The first part of the luxurious 90 minute treatment was a double cleanse with Cleanse & Polish (to remove makeup and deep cleanse). My tired eyes were then revived with the Eyebright soothing lotion. As I had complained about some dry patches around my nose Jo also used the gentle exfoliator all over my face, neck, and upper chest. She then performed a lymphatic drainage massage using plant oils and superskin concentrate. 

At this point I was so relaxed with the heat, the music and the calming aura in the room that I almost fell asleep! This has never happened to me before as I often find facials a little nerve racking. On many occasions the products used have reacted badly with my sensitive skin and even caused stinging and burning, so I am always wary. As I already use much of the Liz Earle range I was confident that this would not be the case, especially as we discussed my skin type and areas I wanted to see improvement in (tone, blocked pores around the nose, oiliness and blemishes - not asking much then!). Jo also went through the products she was using during the facial and as she could see my skin was sensitive chose to skip the brightening treatment mask (one of the products that does burn a little), so I was happy to see that she was tailoring the treatment to my skin as well as my 'needs', and not following a set formula as many beauticians do.

While the products were soaking in she treated me to a hand, arm and shoulder massage. I was struggling to stay awake when she used the steam to prepare my skin for extraction. Now this is an area of a facial I usually find awkward and painful, but grit my teeth as I don't want to look like a wimp. Jo was very careful and it didn't hurt at all. After my pores had been cleared she used an ozone treatment (I have no idea what this is officially called lol). The ozone is meant to sterilise and aid healing. Oh, how I wish I had one at home! My skin heals very slowly, and I mean very slowly. If I have a cut or a scar from a blemish it usually lasts weeks and takes months to even begin to fade. The blemishes that Jo treated healed within days!

After some skin repair moisturiser and a little more massage the treatment was over and I have to confess that after Jo left me to get dressed I stayed wrapped up for a minute or two not wanting to move. The real magic came when I looked in the mirror. After the 'extraction' I was expecting some red patches that would take a while to fade, but instead my face was (dare I say it) glowing. There was no redness in sight and my skin looked clear and even. I was so happy I ventured out to dinner straight after with not a scrap of makeup on (well, do we count mascara?). Even the bf commented on how healthy I was looking! I would never normally be brave enough to do this, so it is a real testament to the products and Jo's magic.

Jo was kind enough to send me a personalsied skincare guide a few days later so I could recreate the treatment at home. Now, I won't lie to you and say that I have completely stuck to it, but I have done my best and have seen good results. Are you interested in learning her secrets? Luckily, Jo has given me permission to share my plan with all my lovely readers! So here is the first part and if you want to know more just leave me a comment and I will write a follow up post :).

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Routine
(This application can be used with Liz Earle skincare and any plant oils)

Warm product between hands, and pat onto your face and neck.  Massage with flat palm, fingers together, circle down (3-6 times each side), each side of the neck (right hand on left side and vice versa). This will open up the lymph channels to oxygenate the skin. Continue onto the face and massage outwards along the jaw line (3-6 times each side), then either side of the nose downwards (3-6 times each side), to the sides of the mouth. Continue with 3-6 complete circles around the eyes draining upwards from the corners of the inner eyebrow outwards. Finish with circles up and out over the forehead towards the temples.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Liz Earle Signature Facial and the way it made my skin look and feel. It was the perfect pampering treat and I am now in the process of getting another appointment. I feel my skin will be in dire need come January after my ski trip and all this mulled wine... if only they had a similar treatment for my liver ;).

At £85 for 90 minutes I think it is well worth it too. If my mama lived in England this would definitely be part of her present this Christmas (and I know she is reading this and probably calling me now to tell me she still wants me too book her one hehe). If you are interested in finding out more or treating yourself, or a loved one, to the most luxurious, relaxing facial you can find more information on the Liz Earle site here. Enjoy! xxx


  1. wow that sounds seriously good and relaxing! wish you had posted some pictures :)

  2. sounds so tempting! Love the way you described it :)

  3. @MsDriftedSw Me too! I did try but the treatment room was a little dark and then I was heading straight out to dinner, drinks.. hehe. Will do better next time ;) xx

  4. @Get Gawjus! Aww thank you sweetie! I didn't want to draft an essay and overwhelm everyone, but I had so much to say (as ever) lol! xxx

  5. This sounds amazing! I want one! lol, the description of the lymphatic drainage is very useful too =D

  6. I'm thinking of getting the same facial. Would you say its worth the money? Are the results long lasting?

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