Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Current Obsessions

It's been a little difficult recently to sit down and blog, but I have finally found a quiet moment to share with you all my latest obsessions. To confess I haven't been doing much shopping lately, mostly because shops are shut when I finish work and the weekends have been pretty hectic with friends/bf and trying to keep the house under control lol (ie. keep the dust/ fur bunnies that Maxie makes at bay). I have said it before, and I shall say it again, internet shopping has become my best friend!

So without any more rambling (well not quite so much), here are the products that I have been absolutely loving recently.

Cleanser: Liz Earle cleanse and polish - since first being sent a bottle to review I have returned to the Liz Earle store multiple times to stock up. This cleanser smells beautiful, is lovely and soothing to use and removes every trace of dirt without irritation. The muslin cloth also exfoliates so my skin feels extra smooth without having to scrub away :).

Toner: LUSH Tea Tree Water -  couldn't live without it (tried and it wasn't pretty). Light, refreshing and gentle this toner is absolutely perfect.

Shower Gel - The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin - Now I am not one to get overly passionate when it comes to bath products, but this one smells so delicious it makes me want to shower 10 times a day. I took advantage of the recent TBS online sale and stocked up! If you haven't tried it you must, the fragrance is beautiful - soft, sweet, refreshing and feminine. The body mist and eau de toilette are definitely on my shopping list!

Hair - Andrew Collinge Heat Defence Spray. Not something to get overly excited about, but I am really enjoying using this. I love the spray nozzle, as it creates a diffused mist that spreads evenly throughout hair, it is super light so doesn't leave that sticky residue some sprays (ahem tre semme!) do and it smells lovely.
Hair - L'Oreal Cream Casting gloss in mahogany. After dying my hair about 6 weeks ago ash brown to take away some of the warmer tones I got tired of my girl next door hair and decided to go back to my red roots (well, my roots aren't really red, but that's beside the point). I missed having auburn hair, there's just something about it that has a little more ooomph than plain chestnut. Warning: as with any non-ammonia based, non-permanent dyes this baby does leak (as I discovered in the rain post colour and in white dress!).
Body - Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream - Pricey, but worth it as a little goes a long way. This cream is rich and indulgent, the fragrance is potent, but soothing (it reminds me of spa treatments and aromatherapy oils and I find it very relaxing when used before bed). This is definitely one for night time use as it does not sink in quickly, but applied on my irritated legs (grrr tights!) I wake up with baby soft skin in the morning that feels revitalised and supple.

Makeup: NARS Sheer Glow - Though it isn't particularly glowing or indeed that sheer I can see what all the hype is about. I bought this foundation 3 weeks ago and have been wearing it every day since. It gives a beautiful, natural finish to the skin, is super easy to apply and blend with fingers (easy does it in the mornings!) and it lasts a decent amount of time on my oily skin. It is also buildable and re-touch friendly and can be reapplied in the evening without looking cakey or heavy. It seems to just sink and merge into the skin. It reminds me a little of Dior Forever foundation, but with less coverage and slightly more sheen (used very loosely here as it just looks a little more natural).

The last and biggest obsession of them all is the fact that I am off on holiday to Egypt next Monday and I couldn't be more excited!! Yay!

What are your recent obsessions? Have you been on any mad shopping sprees or are you shopping your stash like me and finding products you love? xxx

Dear FTC police, all products mentioned (except LE superskin cream) were bought with my own little salary :).


  1. I find that I don't use as many products in the Summer time, so I've just been shopping my stash and saving some money. :) xxx

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwww, i am from Egypt, have a wonderful time and enjoy, if u want any recomendation plz let me know.i was there last November.

  3. I also have that bodyshop shampoo. I LOVE IT. It came in a gift set, and I thought I would hate it - but gosh, it's beautiful!

  4. Latest Obsessions? Definitely Hard Candy, I've been loving their baked eyeshadow duos, blushes and bronzer. They're good quality and the packaging is cute.

    Sephora Dry Oil Spray. It gives your skin a sweet summer glow and they smell delicious! Plus Sephora has been having a sale on them online.

    Natalya, Have a fabulous time in Egypt! It sounds like a blast!


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