Sunday, 14 March 2010

Self-Pity Party and a hair ramble

I have been feeling guilty all week for not putting up any videos, especially as I have all these great ideas in my head, but no time to do them. Come Friday I was ready to rectify this and was all set to dedicate a good proportion of my weekend to filming.

However, my body did not agree, and decided to punish me for the lack of care I have been taking recently. With 5 hours of sleep a night, rubbish food (I see it= I eat it) and lack of exercise I don't think it likes me very much at the moment. So on Saturday morning I woke up with a horrible swollen red eye, which not only looks disgusting, but sends needles of pain through my face every time I blink. All in all, I have spent most of the weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself and probably taking it out on the bf more than I should be :(.

So next week I need to cheer myself up! I have noticed that my hair is looking quite lackluster at the moment, with far too any split ends, so the time has come for the dreaded biannual hair cut. Yes, I always put it off as long as I can because I have a rather love/ hate relationship with hairdressers. I have never found one I can really trust with my long hair. I can just see their eyes light up at the thought of slicing it all off. It fills me with fear every time I murmur "Just a trim please", knowing that I am about to lose 4 inches of beloved hair. It takes me weeks to get used to a cut and, though I am ultimately happy that even though my hair is shorter it looks healthier, I still dread it.

However, the time has come. I think the last time I had it cut was in October! Since I'm so bored of it I have just given up and have been wearing it in the same styles for far too long.
For work I usually just blow dry it quickly, then pin back the front section as it's too short to stay back by itself, but too long to be a side fringe and just irritates me all day.
Or if I have an extra 10 minutes in the morning I use large barrel curling tongs to add some waves and body to the hair. Even though after a gruelling tube ride these usually fall out and I arrive at the office looking frazzled and sleepy.
For nights out I just use the babyliss conical wand to create loose curls and pull the front back with a head band.

So before I book my appointment I want to ask you guys for help :). What kind of style I should go for and what do you think would look good, while being easy to manage? I want to keep the length and add some more layers, but sort out the front portion, as at the moment it just doesn't blend in with the rest.

If you have some inspirational pictures I'd love to see them!! I trust your opinions much more than any hairdresser and I think I would feel a lot better about the whole experience if I could specify exactly what I wanted and maybe bring a picture :). xxx


  1. I have a fear of getting my hair cut too! The last time I had mine cut was December.. I wish I could offer useful advice but I really like your hair as it is now! xx

  2. Well i love to have my hair cut! Love to go to the hairstylist and say "whatever you think it's best", so Im sorry sweetie i cannot help you, but i will cut my hair soon too =)

  3. I used to have the same problem with hairdressers but now I have finally found one who listens and does exactly as I want!

    All the hairdressers I've had before have literally taking inches off when I have clearly stated I wanted to keep the length. I have a male hairdresser now and he is excellent. I think male hairdressers are more likely to give you exactly what you want. They seem to much more attentive! Maybe you could try and search for a one?

    I have very long hair too which is naturally wavy/curly. So I wear it both curly and straight. My hairdresser has layered my hair so that the longest layer is still really long (right down my back) with the shortest layer being arounsd chin length with some longer layers in between. This gives the hair more movement and looks really nice when I curl my hair with my babyliss curling wand.

    I have a picture of my hair curled on my blog if you wpould like to see the effect the layers have on my curls. It's the bottom picture in the post.....

    Good luck with the hair cut! :) x

  4. your hair always reminds me of anna friel's, so gorgeous! it would look lovely like that. also, at the dressers i usually point to where I want my hair to hit on my body instead of telling them an exact measurement because they always cut much more than I want. Hope that helps!

  5. have you considered blunt bangs? i think that would suit you, especially because your eyes are quite striking.


  6. I absolutely don't understand what it is with British hairdressers. No matter what you tell them they will always do something different. US ones did not have this problem. I have seriously considered flying to NY to have my hair cut after my recent disaster under the scissors of Andrew Barton. I walked out of his salon looking like a spaniel. Terrible. Absolutely terrible and not worth the money.

    Whereas in the US when you explain what you want they will actually try and do what you want. My take is that in the UK most hairdressers only know 2-3 different cuts and not matter what the client actually wants they will always do one of these 2-3 that they know.

    PS. If you don't like hairdressers I do not recommend blunt bangs. They need constant maintenance and grow out in a very unflattering manner

  7. I have just gone from hair your length to a long bob - it's quite a drastic change! If you want to keep your length, how about a side fringe? xx

  8. i have a side fringe that is really managable- i can clip it back with a bobby pin, or brush it back and hairspray will keep it in so it's the best of both!
    When it gets long enough (2 months after the trim) i can wear it as a fringe or parted down the middle without.
    Perhaps you could ask for a wispy side fringe that's long enough to clip back? sorry im not much use- i gave up on going to salons as they dont listen and instead have a private one come to my house! x

    This photo is an increased layer cut with a long feathered fringe blended into the main layers. This look would work best with thick, slightly wavy hair. To style, I would use root lift mousse (Redkin's guts 10 is the best I've tried) and diffuse dry upside down. When dry, comb with a wide tooth comb, backbrush the top and finish with a hairspray! (again Redkin's quickdry 18 is amazing)
    Sorry if this was too long. I'm a cosmetology student and this completely piqued my interest. I think this would work well with your natural density, texture and length.

  10. Sorry, I thought of something else: If you are afraid of the stylist taking too much off, I would be specific as to what you want. "I'd like 1 cm. off the bottom layers and no more, please. If you think more needs to come off, would you show me before you do it." If said in a pleasant but decided way, the stylist would have to be really arrogant/obnoxious to get offended.
    If pushy hairdressers are a problem, try shampooing and styling your hair ahead of time and wearing businesslike makeup. If you already look amazing that should prevent the hairdresser from wanting to do a makeover! A bedraggled and undecided client makes our fingers itch for our shears and color bottle! We want to be their fairy godmother and transform them (but they don't always want to be transformed...).If a client gives me a concrete description of exactly what they want, it is so much easier for me to deliver the desired service.

  11. I like to request my long layers to be shorter in the back and longer in the front to control for short bangs/fringe. Also, I learned that the back of my hair can grow faster than the front, so cutting it short in the back keeps me from having to go back so often. The length difference is gradual and goes along the same angle of my cheekbones, which highlights them :)

  12. I like your hair in the pictures !

  13. I think your hair looks beautiful!! What color is it dyed with at the moment? Do you still use the L'Oreal Couleur Experte in 3.54? I need to dye mine soon.

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