Sunday, 14 March 2010

Self-Pity Party and a hair ramble

I have been feeling guilty all week for not putting up any videos, especially as I have all these great ideas in my head, but no time to do them. Come Friday I was ready to rectify this and was all set to dedicate a good proportion of my weekend to filming.

However, my body did not agree, and decided to punish me for the lack of care I have been taking recently. With 5 hours of sleep a night, rubbish food (I see it= I eat it) and lack of exercise I don't think it likes me very much at the moment. So on Saturday morning I woke up with a horrible swollen red eye, which not only looks disgusting, but sends needles of pain through my face every time I blink. All in all, I have spent most of the weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself and probably taking it out on the bf more than I should be :(.

So next week I need to cheer myself up! I have noticed that my hair is looking quite lackluster at the moment, with far too any split ends, so the time has come for the dreaded biannual hair cut. Yes, I always put it off as long as I can because I have a rather love/ hate relationship with hairdressers. I have never found one I can really trust with my long hair. I can just see their eyes light up at the thought of slicing it all off. It fills me with fear every time I murmur "Just a trim please", knowing that I am about to lose 4 inches of beloved hair. It takes me weeks to get used to a cut and, though I am ultimately happy that even though my hair is shorter it looks healthier, I still dread it.

However, the time has come. I think the last time I had it cut was in October! Since I'm so bored of it I have just given up and have been wearing it in the same styles for far too long.
For work I usually just blow dry it quickly, then pin back the front section as it's too short to stay back by itself, but too long to be a side fringe and just irritates me all day.
Or if I have an extra 10 minutes in the morning I use large barrel curling tongs to add some waves and body to the hair. Even though after a gruelling tube ride these usually fall out and I arrive at the office looking frazzled and sleepy.
For nights out I just use the babyliss conical wand to create loose curls and pull the front back with a head band.

So before I book my appointment I want to ask you guys for help :). What kind of style I should go for and what do you think would look good, while being easy to manage? I want to keep the length and add some more layers, but sort out the front portion, as at the moment it just doesn't blend in with the rest.

If you have some inspirational pictures I'd love to see them!! I trust your opinions much more than any hairdresser and I think I would feel a lot better about the whole experience if I could specify exactly what I wanted and maybe bring a picture :). xxx
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