Thursday, 11 March 2010

John Frieda Go Blonder- Guest Review

You may remember a few weeks ago I ran a competition to win a set of John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner. The lovely winner Lovisa Devereux has been testing it out since and has kindly reviewed it for all you girls with blonde ambition :).

"I was lucky enough to win the competition Natalya held for the John Frieda Go-Blonder shampoo and conditioner!  I'd always wanted to try them out as i usually use Sunsilk blonde shampoo that is about £2 in shops (but funilly enough contains almost the same ingredients.)

Prior to using I investigated online to see what all the hype was and whether I was expecting unreasonable results. I was shocked by what I found. I was shocked by what some people where saying about acidity and hair thinning and brassiness, but call me foolhardy I decided to use them as I've ruined my hair over the years so I have nothing to lose. My hair has already been a multitude of colours!

Im glad those other reviews were wrong! After two days of using the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed that my hair felt a little gruffer, and really dry so I added in the purple john frieda conditioner (comes in a round gold tub) and that sorted that problem out- silky smooth again. I noticed that the shade of my hair was lifting in a way similar to that of when you go on holiday and the sun lightens, it wasnt dramatic so if you want lighter blonde that's VERY noticeable just bleach your hair, but if
you want a gradual, brightening of your shade (as long as you are champagne or lighter, NOT GOLDEN) then this product is great.

A week later and I've decided that I prefer using the go blonder shampoo with the frieda purple conditioner- I just dont think the go blonder conditioner did anything for me whereas the purple john frieda I already own sealed in the effects of the go blonder shampoo. I stopped using it for about 3 days and noticed that I was slowly returning back to my original shade which is a good thing as I wear extensions and hadnt been treating them with the go blonder, and there was starting to be a shade difference which also attests to the fact that this product works! It doesn't weigh hair down and smells lovely. Using twice a week has a nice effect, but obviously if you used it 3 or 4 times a week it would be more intense.

Negatives are that it takes a while to rinse out due to the consistency of the product, but I spend a long time in the shower anyway so this didn't bother me. Also there have been issues with peoples hair thinning... I already have thin hair so I didn't notice anything. Again everyone is individual and so if that happens, dont use the product.

As a clarifying shampoo it's great- if you have dark hair don't expect the same effects as peroxide as that isn't going to happen. My brown bits were cleaned and nothing more. Go Blonder products contain a significant level of citric acid and chamomile that have a lightening effect on blonde hair but very subtle effects which is perfect for people with my shade who don't want to mess with their highlights and lowlights too much.

In future I am going to repurchase the shampoo, but alternate between Frieda Go Blonder and the Sunsilk Blonde shampoo as they have similar effects. I wont be using the shampoo every week as it can be drying, but alternating should eliminate this :). I really didn't like the go blonder conditioner though and would recomend using the john frieda blonde hair repair conditioner that also doubles as a hair mask!"

To hear more you can find Lovisa's own blog here.

You can also join John Frieda's Facebook page for more info and contests :).

 Have you tried John Frieda Go Blonder? Did you notice any colour change. Don't be shy to share your experiences with the class ;p xxx

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