Monday, 8 March 2010

Foxy lashes

The lovely Imogen from foxylocksextensions kindly sent me a pair of her new foxy lashes to try out. So I thought I would quickly review them and show you the look I used them in.
These lashes are gorgeous! They add a good amount of length and volume without being too heavy. I especially love the winged out effect on the outer corners, which elongates the eye. They are easy to remove from the packaging, and the band is flexible without being too flimsy, which makes them a breeze to put on. However, the band is pretty long, so most of us who aren't blessed with Bambi eyes will have to trim them considerably (I always trim my lashes to make them fit so this was not a problem).
I wore these out to dinner and wanted to create a look that was quick, yet still striking with a lot of focus on the lashes. I decided to keep the shadow super simple, with just a little MAC wedge all over the lid, and a double liner effect with silver (GOSH) and black (ELF cream liner).
I really love how this looks as the lashes and liner really complement each other and make my eyes look a lot bigger and brighter, which is always a good thing :).
Foxylocks lashes are £3.99 and can be purchased here.

What's your favourite brand of eyelashes?


  1. They are so pretty! Loving lashes at the moment :)

  2. So beautiful! You're flawless :)
    The lashes look amazing on you, thank you for the review xx

  3. I have ordered these lashes too and they look amazing! Im even more excited about getting them after your review :) xx

  4. gorgeous lashes. and I love the liner!

  5. You've probably already answered this, but what foundation do you use? Your skin always looks amazing!

  6. @prettyaspeaches- I think I'm wearing the maybelline 16h supersilky (the one with 2 sides- primer and foundation) here :) xxx

  7. Shu never lets me down but i love these too, so long but natural ,need to wear mine more~!xx

  8. Wow those lashes look lovely on you ;)
    As far as I am concerned, I swear by MAC n°7 lashes for a natural yet flirty look xxx

  9. Love this look, really simple but gorgeous :) x

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  11. This is beautiful and amazing! i swear all a girl needs are here false pulls everything together so well and looks amazing.
    you are beautiful!

  12. They look very nice on you...have used them really well.It is an art to be able to do the right makeup...that suits the occasion and the personality.
    organic lipstick

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