Friday, 22 January 2010

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Recently I have been trying to decrease my makeup collection and use up many of the products I have purchased, yet I am always keen to try new things and experiment. So instead of buying a whole bottle of a new foundation that I really didn't need I collected a couple of samples of MaxFactor's Second Skin foundation to test out. Blogging on a budget ;).

After going through 5 satches (for me it's about 2 applications per sample) I have to say I am impressed, which is not often the case with drugstore foundations. This foundation is lovely for every day wear. It gives a medium coverage, but is buildable without getting cakey. It has quite a light consistency and blends into the skin beautifully with minimal effort. In some ways it reminds me of Make Up Forever HD foundation, which you all know is my favourite, as it looks very natural on the skin and almost undetectable if you apply a thin layer. The MUFE HD has a better coverage, but SS is a fraction of the price with an RRP of £13.99. It lasts a decent amount of time too, though I always set my foundation with powder as I develop a very oily T-zone throughout the day.  The only problem I have is that it comes in such a limited range of shades. Only 5 are listed on the website, which I think is very poor, even by drugstore standards.

Unfortunately as my beloved Canon SLR died a mysterious, and hideously expensive to fix, death I was unable to take pictures. However, having now bought a little samsung to tide me over while I diligently save for a new one I decided to try out my last sachet to show you a photo. The only issue was that my last sample was in the colour golden. Yes, the second darkest colour! As you all know I am super pale and to be honest even the creamy ivory was a touch too tan for my ghostly self ;). With a lot of blending, and given that when I brave the freezing outdoors the only part of me visible is the eye to chin area, I was able to get away with it... just.

Yes, yes I too also think of that time when ANTM decided to change their model's ethinicities by painting them different colours. How I wish I was  born with a beautiful olive complexion! Honestly, it is a testament to how good this foundation is that such a vast colour change doesn't look  like a blotchy fake tan.

Have you guys tried this foundation and did you like it?

P.S. I'm sorry I just noticed that the first photo looks strangely airbrushed, even when setting my camera on macro it seems to have blended out my pores (this foundation is good, but not that good). If anyone knows how I can get rid of this it would be of great help. Of course it's nice to look perfectly airbrushed in photos, but for blog purposes it defeats the point a little? What do you guys think?
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