Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Better Late than Never?

Hello lovelies,

I hope you have all had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year! I have been utterly rubbish at updating my blog/YouTube recently and I must apologise. I am currently moving house and it has all been quite hectic, but once I am settled (the big move is on the 13th) I promise I will get back to regular broadcasting :).

Since I have decided to take a little break from packing and trying to slimline my wardrobe (Oxfam won't know what's hit it) I though I would post my makeup and outfit from NYE.

I know you all love the roller photos ;)

Makeup is nothing too flashy-
Maybelline superstay silky foundation is my absolute favourite for going out. Yes, it is pretty heavy in coverage, but it is a breeze to apply, you don't need any concealer when using it, and it really lasts, even through some heavy beats ;)! As awful as it is, sometimes after a long night I do flop into bed without taking my makeup off *holds wrists out for immediate arrest by the skin police*. This is the only foundation that is still there in the morning and that doesn't clog my pores. However, I wouldn't recommend it for every day use, unless you need a lot of coverage.

Face: MAC msf natural to set
NARS laguna to contour
NARS Angelika blush

Eyes: UDPP
Chanel quatre ombres (silver), MAC dark night, carbon, vapour e/s
Bourjois silver pencil on lower lashline
L'oreal Liquid liner
L'oreal Voluminous mascara
MAC lashes

Lips: MAC creme cup, which I lost that night :(

The bf kindly cooked me dinner (thank goodness he is good at/ enjoys cooking as I don't) and after too many yummy salmon fishcakes I had to scrap my initial choice of outfit for the party we were heading to and go for something with a little more space in the..umm.. stomach region ;). I'm sure I have posted this one before, it's a super glitzy sequin dress from Karen Millen from a couple of seasons ago. I just love the fact it has long sweeping sleeves and a drape at the back as usually sequin dresses leave very little to the imagination in terms of their cut, this one, even though it is very short, is a little more interesting.

I hope you all had a fantastic NYE!! In Russia we celebrate New Year much more so than Christmas and it was strange for me to be away from my family for the first time. However, I received a fantastic present from all of you when I logged in on the 1st of January 2010 to see that I had 20(0)10 subscribers on YouTube!!! Thank you so much!! I am so so thankful to each an every one of you who watch and read all my little rambles. I shall be having a contest very soon to celebrate so please keep an eye out.

Love lots xxx


  1. Hi natalya great makeup!

    I was wondering if those are hot rollers on your hair? If so are they the babyliss ones? And do you recommend them? (I am looking to get some?)


  2. @priya- yes they are and yes I highly recommend them. They heat up fairly fast, come with clips that are easy to use and give you beautiful bouncy curls with no fuss or burnt fingers :) xxx

  3. you look absolutely beautiful xx

  4. this is such a gorgeous look, it would make a perfect youtube video (hint hint) ;)

  5. you love gorgeous and your make up is so flawless as usual!

    I recently got the babyliss rollers and they're really good =D.

    lovely post.


  6. Great look and sounds like you had a lovely night. Happy new year :)

  7. I would love to see a tutorial on this look. It is beautiful. A possible for my b'day! Fab blog, please keep updating and good luck with the move.

  8. Your dress is beautiful. Love the hair & eyes. Perfect pic every time!

  9. I just wanted to say this...you have great skin! You're complexion looks flawless

  10. As always you look so beautiful with perfect done makeup

  11. WOW 20010 that's so funny! Congratulations, you definitely deserve that and more - your makeup skills are legendary. I love that dress too. Good luck with the move!! xxxxx

  12. Congrats on your subbies and I love your makeup, you look beautiful! I esp love the 1st photo! missed you! X

  13. Gorgeous outfit and perfect makeup! Truly beautiful look!


  14. Your eyes look stunning here! LOVE those colors! Beautiful!!

  15. Congratulations on all the subscribers!!! I love your youtube channel, i'm always watching your vids, so you deserve it!
    Lovely makeup btw, and that dress is goooorrrgeous!

  16. Gorgeous!! Love your look here...

  17. Wow your "new blog" looks cool, very glamourous ;)


    makeupgirl82 ;)


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