Monday, 23 November 2009

Saturday's OOTD

Just a quick post to share with you my outfit for Saturday night. It was my best friend's Birthday celebration dinner so a great excuse to be girlie and dress up.

When I was at uni I used to wear this ZARA dress out quite a lot as it is super simple and not too revealing. Basically it was something I threw on when I didn't know what to wear. It goes with any makeup/ hairstyle/ shoes effortlessly and can easily be dressed up with heals or down with boots and a long cardi. So, feeling undecided once again this weekend, I decided to dig it out of my ever expanding wardrobe for a night out on the town.

This time I paired it with Dorothy Perkins faux crocodile leather shoe boots, and a side ponytail with lots of volume. My bf commented that I was channeling Cheryl Cole with my bouffant. Though since he is probably the only boy in the universe who doesn't find her attractive I'm pretty sure it was not meant as a compliment. Luckily, in my world any comparisons to Cheryl make me giddy with happiness :).

I hope you all had a good weekend my lovelies, despite the horrible rain, which made me channel more drowned rat than Cheryl prancing around the streets of Picadilly. xxx


  1. I love this outfit, and I love the way you accessorised it. This dress is so versatile, very rock chic, I would want to wear it with even more red than the one on the nails. Perhaps just the shoes (which I have not got) or a red bag. I am not a fan of outfit of the days on videos, but I love it on a blog, and when it's you, wow, how could I not love it. Please make sure to post any outfit + makeup + accessories worn for the party season. Knowing you, if it's new year's eve spent around a fire in the countryside with some close friends, you will have that little bit of je ne sais quoi glittering away :) Yes, please keep us up to date with all this lovely stuff xx

  2. You look so pretty. Love how you've paired it with ankle boots and a cute headband. Gorgeous!!

  3. @liloo Thank you so much!! I will try :). Probs be spending xmas with the bf's family and fingers crossed skiing at New Year if I can save up in the meantime :) xxx

  4. oh i love this outfit, especially the boots!!!


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