Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rugby Hotties

Today I inocently popped popped into Selfridges to get a new NARS Laguna bronzer as currently I have been using the sad little pieces that were left after it smashed. As usual I was magnetically drawn to the shoe department and while there stumbled upon a massive queue of giggling girls. I immediately thought that it must be yet another C-list celebrity novel signing, but was surprised to find out it was in fact a signing with the English Rugby players. Like the sucker that I am I bought their calendar and joined the queue (not for myself, of course, but to get autographs for the rugby mad bf).

Although this blog is for all things girlie, I thought that I would nevertheless share some photos of the eye candy on offer. After all, who doesn't enjoy a half naked rugby player?
I am normally not a fan of wife-beater tops, but they make them look so good that I will forgive.

He was my fave. Those arms are crazy!
So now I am the proud owner of a 2010 rugby calendar with autographs from four of the players. I am not too sure if the bf will really appreciate a calendar full of half naked men for Christmas, maybe he can pin it up and use it as inspiration?  ;)

Who said shopping for xmas presents couldn't be fun?
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