Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Butterfly- Beauty in the City

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Butterfly, a new beauty boutique conveniently located in the heart of the City (a two minute walk from Bank tube station).

The idea behind the salon is very simple- modern women deserve to feel beautiful! In today's fast paced society it is becoming increasingly difficult for women to find the time to pamper themselves, so the beauty treatments in this boutique were all created with the working woman in mind. These include make-up, hairstyling, quick facials, manicures and pedicures all completed within 30 minutes and at a reasonable price.

I really think this is a great idea (and wish I had thought of it first!). If you work in London this salon is a fantastic escape from the stresses of work at lunch time, if you want to relax and treat yourself, or after work, if you are going somewhere special.

I sometimes think it is so difficult for professional women, who work so hard to be taken seriously, to also be able to express their fun and feminine side. Having worked in the City before, I can appreciate how a male dominated environment can somewhat hinder evening plans. Perhaps your colleagues would not look too kindly on you spending the best part of an hour in the office bathroom and emerging in a ball gown, or that sexy little dress you have been saving for a special date. Fortunately, the Butterfly salon offers everything you would need to prepare for your special occasion including a handy changing room.

The boutique itself is small, but beautifully decorated, with a white french boudoir feel. As well as treatments it offers a small range of jewelry, Barbara Bort Italian luxury Make-Up and organic Pure Bliss Skincare. The skincare (which was used during my make-over) is absolutely fantastic and smells delicious. I am definitely going to research this brand further!

I was lucky enough to have my make-up and hair done on arrival. Normally this would be about £40, depending on the time required for styling. The make-up artist and hair stylists were both absolutely lovely and it was an extremely enjoyable and relaxing experience. I was also pleased to see that the whole make-over was very much customer orientated. At every step the MUA was making sure I was comfortable and liked the colours and products being used. This is not the kind of salon where they force you into looks that you would never wear. If you have a specific look in mind they will do their best to re-create it and if you are stuck for ideas, you can even pick something from their Butterfly look book :).

Here is a little photo, taken about an hour after the make-over
I did not have any preference as I had nothing planned that evening, so just let the MUA play around with a little colour. I really like this look, it is always fun having someone else do your make up and seeing what they come up with!

Overall, I was really impressed with the salon and the concept behind it. As I am currently applying for jobs in that area of London I have no doubt that I shall be popping in for a quick blow dry or manicure in the near future and taking full advantage of their loyalty card scheme. If you work in the City and find it difficult to find the time to pamper yourself I would highly recommend Butterfly for a post-work treat!!

What do you guys think of a pit stop style salon? Have you seen any in your area?
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