Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Chanel Jade and Ciate Apple and Custard

Chanel's jade nail polish is being sought after by every fashionista, but unfortunately they are at present only releasing a few hundred bottles.

If you too are lusting after this season's most talked about nail varnish, but do not want to join the hundreds of people already on its waiting list you do not have to be green with envy! Ciate have brought out a beautiful milky green polish called Apple and Custard, which is the closest dupe for Jade I have been able to find.
This polish is extremely opaque, yet it dries very quickly. One coat gives you beautiful milky pistachio nails, and after two coats the colour is even richer.

I have tried several Ciate polishes in the past and as well as their pretty packaging I know I can trust them to be good quality. I am particularly a fan of their cream formulas as they are not at all streaky and quite dense so the colour you see in the bottle is the same as what you get on your nails. If you are interested in checking this colour out it can be found here.
What do you guys think of the Jade hype and will you be painting your nails green this autumn? I am still not too sure, but I just had to see what the fuss was about with this colour. After wearing it for a day I actually think it is pretty wearable, and much prefer it to MAC's celebrated peppermint patti :).


  1. wow great dupe thanks for sharing girlie :)
    don't know if ill be painting my nails green this autumn think i might stay original and stay the the brown and taupes :)
    love the look of the ciate one may have to get but i think ill get cokkies and cream first :D
    great post girlie :)
    eloise xoxo

  2. I really like it! I may purchase the Ciate one, it's lovely. x

  3. I like the shade a lot, but still prefer classic dark ones like Rouge Noir and similar. Really like what Ciate did. I think their version will be quite in demand since it looks very similar but cost a lot less. Love your nails, by the way.


  4. Thank you girlies!

    I actually just got attacked by a girl when I was in LUSH! She grabbed my hand and started gushing about how she wanted Chanel Jade, and how did I get it, and could I help her get one etc. I told her ciate was her answer and she gave me so many free face mask samples. Yay! xxx

  5. This is a gorgeous shade! It's perfect for autumn, love it!
    Amy x

  6. Great color..stick to the ciate ..I've read that the Chanel Jade is very runny, sheer and you need at least 4 coats.

  7. I'm liking the colour and that is a great dupe. I like my nail colours so I quite happily paint them green at any time of the year. The Chanel is cool but don't get the fuss, let alone the massive waiting list.


  8. Wow this colour is so cute, if you want a bolder green you should try out NUBAR's Tea green its a gorgeous green that was inspired by the Chanel polish !! check it out at : O )

  9. Oh.My.God!!!!

    I am sooo purchasing this dupe. Thank you so much, Natalaya!

    BTW, my cat just ate a spider, she my hero :) Does yours ever do that?


  10. Thanks so much Natalya!

    I have been looking around for a close match to Jade as I can't justify spending so much on the real thing! Only problem now is trying to find a place that sells Ciate in the UK. Any ideas anyone?

  11. Hi,

    you can purchase ciate at or at or

    Check out the new ASOS paint by Ciate on ASOS the new autumn winter colours are TO DIE FOR xx

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