Tuesday, 15 September 2009

ASOS Discounts

This week along with the usual delivery of my ASOS magazine, which I recommend to everyone as it is free and full of the latest trends made affordable, I received a pack of tampax pearl (how very strange!) and a coupon code for a 10% discount. So I thought I would do a super speedy post to share it with you all, in case you are planning on ordering some sexy bodycon dresses, or Balmain power shoulders.

Special offer code: AWSTYLE

My top picks are:
Power shoulder tux blazer, perfect for A/W, this is absolute love!!Boyfriend blazer.. love the long lines and rolled up sleevesJeggings are so comfy and are a great alternative if you can't quite pull off or find the right fitting skinny jean.The silhoutte is still big this season, and I love the way these chiffon sleeves add a playfull touch to this lbd.
What trends are you excited about this season?


  1. I love Asos :) Thanks for the code! I'm looking forward to matte-skin being in.. wasn't a huge fan of the 'dewy glow' :P xx

  2. Loving blazers

  3. They randomly stopped sending me that magazine one day :( I love that boyfriend blazer, but I'm still four years out of high school and can barely bring myself to look at one and not weep, one day I'll be fine and I hope that's before my birthday lol x x

  4. @clemmie Deffinitely with you on the matte skin.. I hate it when my face gets oily and much prefer a matte or velvet finish.. sometimes for me 'glowing' equals greasy ;)

  5. @Rosie I know exactly what you mean. We had chapel at school and had to wear this horrid boxy navy blazer for it. I have since shunned away from them, but I am slowly coming around. Try playing with fitted shapes, or short sleeve blazers that don't feel so uniformy ;) x

  6. I also received some tampax pearl...not sure why either!
    Thanks for the post hun - that blazers lovely, definately need to find me one xx

  7. where do i put the code? is it after i put in my credit card info?

  8. @Angel.. I think it's on the same page.. it says voucher codes or something like that :)

  9. I actually have a tuxedo blazer as well as a zebra one that I almost got rid of last year. I'm so glad I didn't and I can't wait for cold weather so I can put them to use again.


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