Thursday, 9 April 2009

Tea Tree Oil

During my teenage years I suffered with breakouts, nothing severe, but frequent enough to bother me (I think we all know that feeling of "Oh no, I have a spot!! I am not leaving the house!"). I kept thinking that it could be much worse and I should just be patient and wait to grow out of it. I am now 22 and still get breakouts all the time, especially just before 'that time of the month' we all love :(. I still have the skin of a teenager (and not in the good way), so I recently decided to return to an old favourite- tea tree oil.

Tea tree has a long history of traditional use. Australian aboriginals used its leaves for healing skin cuts, burns, and infections as it has antiseptic and antifungal properties.
People use tea tree oil for the following conditions:
  • Acne
  • Athlete's foot
  • Dandruff
  • Thrush
  • Periodontal disease
  • As an antiseptic
So to treat a particularly nasty breakout recently I used Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick. Staying at my boyfriend's house in the country, with a very limited bag of rescue remedies, I applied this gel religiously twice a day. It does not smell too strongly and sinks in immediately so make-up can be applied straight away. I was a little hesitant at first as I thought that it would be a little too harsh on my sensitive skin. However, I was very pleasantly surprised as it significantly reduced swelling and redness without drying my skin out and creating that unsightly crust that most blemish treatments tend to leave behind, which in my opinion looks even worse than a spot! Yuck!

If you are having trouble with controlling blemishes I would give this product a try. It really does speed up the clearing process without drying the area out as it contains tea tree oil (obviously), allantoin to soothe and panthenol to moisturise the skin. This has worked so well that I may try returning to more of my past favourites, why change a good thing right?

What do you guys use for a particularly nasty breakout?


  1. I use tea tree oil and it helps very good!

  2. Never used tea tree oil myself but the one product that works for me, without fail, is Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant.
    It keeps away congestion if I'm using it twice a week and if I have a spot then I just apply a little dab and leave it on as long as possible. Love it!

  3. It's funny you're mentioning this because I just got the mask and night blemish fade serum from this line. I love it so far! I mean I'll know if it's really working in a few weeks. Maybe I'll try that blemish stick. It'd be so easy to pack!

  4. I love tea tree oil, especially the Australian Bodycare line they use the best tea tree oil and not too many ingredients

  5. The clinique blemish gel works best for me =D I also have the body shop's tea tree face wash/toner/ and moisturizer for maintenance.

  6. I've been trying this on the odd spot I get and I find it really effective too x

  7. spots. my worst nightmare. they seem to like me however :X

  8. Tea Tree Oil saved my skin during my early teen years! I bought a pure bottle of TTO from a local organic store for about 5 USD but it was really potent. After my skin cleared up, I started using the Bliss Detoxifying toner(preventative measure) which was a little less harsh than the TTO.
    Thanks for posting this :)

  9. I really think I've tried them all - from Body Shop, Mario Badescu, Liz Earle, Clinique to - er - Sudocrem. And in all honesty I've found the only thing that makes a real difference is how much water I drink. If I go a few days without getting enough then I pay for it, but so long as I keep topped up my skin stays happy and blemish-free.

  10. Ive been using this blemish stick recently and thought it had come to an end but after reading about Urban Decay Primer Potion and how the product gets stuck all inside the tube, i cut the top off and still found i had more left in there that i could use. Just a tip :)


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