Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Browgraphy at Browhaus

Like many a teenager I was guilty of over plucking in my school days, but since realising that my natural shape suits me best I have kept my brows pretty low maintenance. Other than occasionally removing strays ‘outside the lines’ and filling in sparse areas with a brow powder I rarely give my eye brows much attention. Though having found my shape I am also hesitant to take any unnecessary chances in the hands of those who think less is more. With eyebrows… more is always more!
Before: filled in with brow powder, but not as neat as I would like!
However, when I was offered the chance to try out one of Browhaus’ signature Browgraphy eyebrow treatments I was really excited to have the full works! Having visited Browhaus before for a little tint and eyelash extensions I knew they were very professional, well trained and above all experienced. When I saw the perfectly groomed and full brows of the lovely therapist coming towards me I knew I would be in safe hands and had no fears.

After assessing my eyebrows we decided to make them a little neater, enhance their shape and add a bit of colour. My brows are naturally much lighter than my natural hair colour and because I dye my hair I usually powder them to add depth. My therapist therefore mixed a rich brown colour that was a little darker than my brow hairs, but still soft enough so as not to look harsh against my pale skin. She then set about threading the brows. I haven’t had a huge amount of experience with threading and while I absolutely loved the clean looking result I did find the experience painful, though fortunately it was over quickly. I would definitely do it again, but I would struggle to be in public as my eyes were watering so much. I always see people in shops/ shopping centres having their brows done and I am a little envious of their pain threshold. I can barely pluck one brow hair without bringing on the full water works. Does anyone else have this reflex?
 After: No makeup on brow area, about 3 hours after treatment.

Following the threading my therapist used tweezers for ultimate precision to remove any remaining stray hairs. She then also trimmed a few hairs that were not quite standing to attention. My brows were then dyed, which took just minutes. As I have many very light and fine hairs around my brows I absolutely loved the results after the dye was wiped off. The blonde hairs at the top of my brow now became visible as part of my eyebrow and gave the arch an extra little lift. The result was very subtle, but really helped with the symmetry of my brows and enhanced their shape.
As my skin is very sensitive I have to be honest and admit that it did look quite red for about 3 hours after and there were a few sore areas, but this was completely expected. As with all hair removal treatments I have learned to do them in the evening as my skin always reacts so I was not at all surprised. The following morning the area was absolutely fine and I was very happy to be able to save a few precious seconds getting ready by skipping brow products as my eyebrows no longer needed any maintenance.
 After: the following day with no brow makeup

Overall I was very happy with the results. My brows looked clean, polished and very neat without being overdone or too striking. I would definitely recommend the Browgraphy service at Browhaus for anyone looking to groom their brows – whether you are confused about what shape would suit you best or are suffering from patchy areas the combination of threading, tweezing and dye makes sure that the hairs that need to be seen are enhanced and those that need to be hidden are quickly and efficiently removed. I will definitely be going back in the future!


  1. Hi there please can u let me know ur hair shade, is it a 6RR/RV maybe? I have a hair app at 11am and would really appreciate knowing ! Many thanks!

  2. Perfect, Thanku .. Hope mine turns out as well!

  3. You are seriously so beautiful! Your brows look perfect! Great post and lovely blog! xx, S

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