Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Invisalign - Smile!

As I am approaching the half way point with my Invisalign treatment I thought that this would be a good time to update you all on my progress. However, when trying to plan this post I found it tricky to think of what to say… which is very much unlike me! Mainly this is because I am now so used to the Invisalign that on a daily basis I barely notice it. I have got so comfortable that I am quite happy popping the trays in and out in public as it takes less than 5 seconds and with a quick twist of the head it’s all done and no one notices! Among my close friends I refer to the trays as ‘my teeth’ and they have learned great evasive manoeuvres if I need to ‘take my teeth out’ in the most inappropriate places. It’s actually surprising how unobservant people can be and even when I have had to do a sneaky removal while enjoying some fine dining no one has batted an eyelid!
Every time I put a new tray in I do examine my teeth for any movement, but I haven’t really noticed a great deal so far. However, any change is so gradual, and given I don’t have very much to move in the first place, it’s not going to be glaringly obvious. The slight overlap in the front two teeth does look like it’s reduced a little; though I have noticed the pressure on these teeth with the last tray so I am hoping now is the time I will start seeing some results. I think the initial stages have been to create more space for my teeth and counteract the effects that my wisdom teeth had and now the rest of my teeth will be able to move back into position.

In terms of tooth health I am still having regular check ups and my teeth look fine and healthy. I did have some slight gum irritation and soreness, but nothing out of the ordinary as my gums are generally quite sensitive and sometimes a thorough clean can cause the same problems.
So many of you have been asking me about Invisalign vs. braces and I have to reiterate my earlier comments in that I think teeth are so important and if you are self conscious about yours I would definitely set up a consultation. In my opinion Invisalign is far superior to regular metal braces, especially if you are an adult. There is absolutely no way I would have had ‘train tracks’ at my age, unless it was medically required, because I know that any improvements in my teeth would be completely counteracted by the self consciousness I would feel wearing them for the best part of a year. With Invisalign I was both surprised and shocked that most people haven’t noticed I am wearing them. I can smile, laugh and feel completely uninhibited.

Reading a recent survey it has actually been found that a quarter of the UK feels self conscious about their crooked smiles – resoundingly beating concerns about bottoms, legs, hair and chests! When it comes to attraction three quarters of Brits rated a person’s smile as important when first considering going on a date with them. The survey also discovered that people with straight teeth and a great smile are seen as more successful (32%), wealthier (23%) and more likely to get a job (27%) than those with crooked teeth and a bad smile - suggesting perception is everything! I completely agree with this, even having your teeth whitened can make you look like you’ve had a makeover!

A great smile not only looks good, but can also have psychological benefits! Behavioural psychologist Judi James says, “The great thing about people having the confidence to smile is the natural impulse in the receiving person to return the smile. This instantaneous reaction often triggers a dramatic effect on our own mood, creating a sense of well-being. The outward performance of happiness and well-being produces a similar effect on our subconscious - by echoing a smile, it can give us a boost in confidence and cheer us up.” Happiness is contagious so why not make someone’s day with a big smile? I can’t wait to see the results at the end of my treatment and show them off on my wedding day, but in the meantime I can smile confidently knowing my Invisalign is not going to stand in the way :).


  1. Your smile is an integral part of your personality. With Invisalign, you're given the chance to build your sweetest smile to boost your confidence. Though braces are also helpful, Invisalign is more convenient. You just have to consult trusted doctors so that you can assured of the best effects.


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  3. I was thinking of trying these but they're quite expensive I'm not sure. I don't want to have to have too much invasive dental work either to be able to get them fitted. But yours seem to be working really well, I may consider it some more!

  4. Your post is nice and it’s pleasant to read. Cosmetic dentist recommend Invisalign as a smile improvement device, but it takes time as you have to consult with your dentist, it is only he, who can recommends you right orthodontist in this regard.

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  6. What sets invisalign different from braces is its visibility. Also, the latter can't be removed, while the first, you can remove and put it back whenever you want to. Convenience speaking, invisalign is much preferable. But talking about results, both are guaranteed to improve your dental condition by 100%.

    -Randy Farmer @ HoustonSmileDocs


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