Monday, 14 November 2011

Acceptable In The 80's

I've got love for you if you were born in the 80's!
This weekend I celebrated one of my best friend's birthdays in true retro style - at a roller disco. Although we were only babies in the 80s, we decided to pay homage to the era in full fancy dress. My budget outfit was put together last minute - a Mango leotard, pleather leggings (yumm!), fluorescent pink tutu, leg warmers and fishnet gloves (ebay).
For makeup I took inspiration from a plethora of 80s music videos and decided to wear clashing colours - lilacs on the eyes (BarryM dazzle dust all over the lid and up to the eyebrows!), fuchsia pink strongly contoured cheeks (MAC full fuchsia blush) and bright pink lipstick (BarryM lip paint in no. 146).
To complete the look I used L'Oreal carbon gloss liquid liner and my new favourite mink lashes from Velour (You Complete Me - half price sale for $29.99 here).
Instead of opting for a crazy 80s perm, I decided to create a modern interpretation of big hair. I kept the natural curl in my hair and added lots of volume and texture by blow drying my hair upside down, back combing, and fixing with Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Sugar Shock Bodifying Sugar Spray (£10), which not only smells amazing, but also gives great hold without making the hair feel crispy and dry.
We had a fabulous night of skating and dancing and somehow I managed to stay upright throughout... though the same can't be said for my friends! Although we were celebrating a twenty-something birthday we had so much fun pretending to be teenagers in the 80s!

Are you a fan of the 80's? What's your favourite fancy dress? xxx


  1. Great outfit and makeup! Love it! What a fun party!! xx

  2. you are sooo beautiful! xxxx

  3. I was born in the 80's! woo! You look amazing, love the pink lippy! :)

  4. You look gorgeous and the lipstick looks fab! Sounds like such a fun way to celebrate a birthday! X

  5. OMG I love that song 'it was acceptable in the 80's, it was acceptable at the tiiiiiime' ... hilarious! ... you rocked the 80's look!

  6. You look fab, love that lip colour x x

  7. Весело и задорно! Красивый яркий макияж, помада очмурительная :)

  8. you are amazingly beautiful !!!! :) hugs from one eastern european girl to another <3 (im ukranian hehe)

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