Monday, 18 April 2011

Witch Giveaway Winners!!

Apologies my lovelies for the delay in bringing you the winners of my Witch Giveaway. There are 20 of you, so it took me quite some time to go through all the entries, pick the winners and allocate 4 sets of prizes. Those of you who left your e-mail addresses in your entries are ahead of the game and would have already received an e-mail from me ;).

Congratulations to all the winners! For me to get your prizes out ASAP please can you e-mail me your postal addresses (
Those marked with a * - I am still waiting on adresses from you. Thank you to the rest of you for being so efficient and speedy!

I really hope you all enjoy your prizes!!
  1.  DebDobDoorNob (1)
  2. Melissa* (1)
  3. Aimee (1)
  4. Lisa (1)
  5. 10thingsaboutagirl (1)
  6. MidnightDraven* (2)
  7. xxShivvyxx (2)
  8. Dutchess Roz (2)
  9. sweet_diosa* (2)
  10. TheAngelWears (2)
  11. Alice* (3)
  12. One More Lipstick (3)
  13. Michelle* (3)
  14. =*[Sammie]*= (3)
  15. Jo (3)
  16. Matthew* (4)
  17. nayika* (4)
  18. twannywun* (4)
  19. Louise (4)
  20. ♥ Jaynee ♥ * (4)
The numbers next to your names correspond to the prizes you have won.
1. Primer and exfoliating wash
2. Tinted moisturiser and wipes
3. Powder and anti blemish stick
4. Primer and wipes

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and entered, if you didn't win this time, do not worry, there will be plenty more chances in the future as I will be holding another competition very soon ;).
Congratulations to all the winners, please send me your adresses so your prizes can make their way to you sooooon.
Natalya xxx


  1. Again, thank you so much Natalya :) and congrats to everybody else! I'll probably pounce on the post man when he rings the doorbell... poor man!


  2. Wooooohoooo still cant believe I won!!!!!! Thank you :) xoxo

  3. Aww thank you so much :DD xx (sent you my address now)

  4. oh wow thanks! I've just sent you my address now xx

  5. thanks so much :D! ive sent you my address under the 'hyper-me' hotmail account xx


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