Friday, 1 April 2011

Superhero Hair - Live Color XXL Cool Scarlet

Feeling more than a little lacklustre last week I decided to freshen up my hair colour. While browsing through the isles it hit me that I had tried all too many dyes and often had the same result. This time I wanted something more bold and striking so I chose Live Color XXL in the shade Cool Scarlet.
Perhaps the girl in the promo image swayed me, but I just think this colour is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, if I could get away with Rihanna red in the office I would go for it, but I have to stay sensible. Of course I knew my hair would never match the shade above, and I made sure it wouldn't be too bright by only keeping it on for 20 minutes (versus the 30 mins recommended time).
So here it is - my super hero hair! 
It's pretty red isn't it! I used two boxes of dye, and still managed to miss a few areas, so I have to warn you that this isn't the easiest dye to work with, and it is very drying. However, I love the colour!
It's 'just' dark enough to sit on the right side of wearable, but still very full and vibrant. I know it won't stay like this for long since every time I wash it the colour runs atrociously and makes the water a rather frightening shade of dark pink.
So for now I will just have to make the most of being a red head! Look out Miss Amy Childs ;) hahaha.

Are you tempted to join the red brigade? Have you ever tried Live Color XXL? xxx
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