Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Liptastik ;)

I am sure you have all noticed my recent love affair with bright lips, but as a girl always on the go I don't always have the time to create a perfect statement lip. I have therefore been really impressed by the new Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pens as they work as a liner, lipstick and gloss in one.
These really do make lipstick application effortless by giving you more control over placement of product. As my makeup has been all about multi-tasking the last two weekends Loud Mouth (the fuchsia pink) has been a permanent resident in my bag for speedy application on the tube ;).
On the left we have Lip Lover - a vibrant, warm red and on the right is Loudmouth - a bright, blue based pink. Unlike similar 'crayon' style lippies these do not need sharpening as the base twists pushing the product up, just like a regular lipstick.
Lip Lover
As you can see these lip crayons have fantastic pigmentation and a beautifully glossy finish. They feel comfortable on the lips and not too drying, while being long lasting.

The Eyeko Liptastik pens retail at £6.50 and can be found on the Eyeko site here. I highly recommend them if you are looking for an easy way to create a beautiful, statement lip. I do hope they bring out more colours!


  1. my goodness, the pigmentation is amazing! i definitely need to try these out.

  2. I need these, they look incredible on you! x

  3. They look so beautiful, really :D xxx

  4. Love them - especially loudmouth!

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  6. Natalya I adore the Lip Lover color! It is filthy gorgeous on you. Sadly, I cannot easily access Eyeko products, as I live in the US. Could you please recommend a very similar shade from MAC cosmetics? Thank you makeup guru!


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