Thursday, 18 November 2010

Candy Covers from Les Tai Tai

Les Tai Tai, the creators of the Model Mirror, have recently launched their new line of products - Candy Covers and Deco Deluxe to personalise and add a little 'bling' to your phone. You all know that I love a little bit of sparkle so I was more than happy to test one of these new phone covers and see if it can really survive all the stresses my phone endures whilst rattling around in my bag.
My iPhone 4 has been wearing the Eden Candy Cover for just over 4 weeks and attracting many admiring, as well as curious glances in the process. I am happy to report that not only has the cover protected my phone from the multitude of drops and grazes I have subjected it to, it has also remained perfectly in tact. The adhesive used must be very strong, as even with my keys and all sorts of other sharp items doing their best to dislodge the crystals only one small black jewel has come off, as you can see in the photo below.
The covers do add some weight to your phone, but not excessively so as they are not bulky. They are also shaped well so they are easy to pop on and remove, and none of the crystals block the functioning parts such as the camera, or the buttons on the sides. The only thing I can think to criticize about this particular cover is the fact that the reflective film behind the crystals does not cover the whole back of the phone. This is only a very minor point, as I only noticed it when I took the photos above and looking at the pictures for the other covers on the website this doesn't seem to be an issue, as it only features in the Eden design.

If you fancy yourself a little more creative you can also order a Deco Deluxe set, which contains all the decorative pieces needed to fashion your own, personalised phone cover. One of my favourite sets is the Chloe Fashion Parts - vintage inspired, feminine and so very cute!
Another super girlie cover is the ready made Kala, which you can find here.
At £20 for the Candy Covers and £15 for the Deco Deluxe fashion parts these won't break the bank and would make a lovely gift. So many of my friends have been asking me where they can get similar covers so I have no doubt that these will be just as popular as the model mirrors! 

What do you think of Les Tai Tai's new Candy Covers? Are you tempted to add a little bit of bling to your phone? Which is your favourite design? xxx


  1. i love phone covers!! i want one right now! loli love the vintage inspired one

  2. i really want to buy one and especially like the Eden candy cover! Love how sparkle can brighten up a day! Bling it on! :)

  3. chloe fashion parts is so lovely! i want it :)

  4. Hey natalya thats really great piece of mobile phone cases.They are so lovely i must say!!


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