Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review: Metallic Tattoos

Tatoos have never really been my thing, I love them on other people, but the permanence was always an issue as I like to change my mind, my style and just about everything else! However, after spotting the new boho metallic/ flash versions all over my Instagram I decided to give them a tentative try when In Your Dreams contacted me to offer a sample.
As soon as they arrived I was so excited I immediately got the scissors out to try them on and I have to say I love them. In a way they take me back to my childhood of buying bubblegum just so I could wear the temporary tattoos that came in the wrapper. I have a vivid memory of having one around my belly button that I thought was just the coolest thing ever and wishing I could be 18 and make it permanent.
The foiled tattoos from In Your Dreams are a much more grown up and classy version. I was sent the Mayan collection (£5) and I have tried out quite a few of them - the skinny ones like a bracelet over the wrist, on the inside of my wrist, on my ankle, hip and back (thank you to my hubby for patiently holding the soaked cotton wool to make sure they transferred neatly). They were so easy to apply and lasted a decent amount of time, depending in the placement.
As I wear a watch on one wrist and a fitbit on the other the 'bracelet' ones only lasted two days, but the one on my hip has been going strong for over a week (and was fun to explain to a sixty year old doctor when he was doing my routine Bupa health assessment lol)! They add just that little bit of fun and catch the light in such a beautiful way! They are perfect for festivals and on the beach, but even having one in a subtle place always makes me smile when I see it.
Have you tried metallic tattoos?  The Summer isn't over yet so I would definitely recommend giving them a go!


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