Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: Freddy WR.UP

Since I started my fitness journey I have tried to keep myself motivated by following a bunch of gorgeous gym bunnies on Instagram. Since then my feed has been full of so many new activewear brands and Freddy has popped up many times. Their jeans and leggings are so different to anything I have seen as they really accentuate curves.
After working hard in the gym to build any sort of behind (I naturally have very little in that area) I thought that it wouldn't hurt to see how they would fit. So a few months ago I decided to treat myself and popped into their King's Road store to purchase my first pair of Freddy trousers. It was difficult to choose, but I decided to go for the most practical black pair WR.UP Shaping Effect Low Waist Skinny (£62).
As soon as I put them on and tentatively emerged from the changing room, feeling a little self conscious as they were so tight, my husband's eyes lit up and he practically ran to the checkout counter. When he suggested we actually go and purchase another pair I knew they must be something special... he has never (and I mean ever) suggested I buy any more clothes! 
(This is the same style but obviously not my bum.. I wish!)

Although they look more like trousers (with a front zip and pockets) they are completely opaque and very figure hugging so feel more like leggings with their 78% cotton/ 22% elastam mix. The special Freddy cut really does lift and pull you in in all the right places, but for me the best part is just how comfortable these are. Unlike other leggings or skinny jeans the Freddy bottoms have a strip if silicon inside the belt that helps to adhere so they never slip and give you that dreaded 'builder's bum'. As I have round hips most other trousers are cut straight so tend to dig in and give me love handles or gape at the back when I sit down, while the Freddy trousers just move with you! Plus a little extra shaping in the back never hurt anyone!
If this isn't enough motivation to do my squats then I don't know what is...

Have you tried Freddy WR.UP? I am excited to try some of their workout clothes and jeans in future!

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