Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Envy Dual Fix 12 Hair Treatment Review

As the warmer months (it’s deceptive to refer to it as Summer in freezing London at the moment) have progressed I have noticed the condition of my hair deteriorate. Prior to my wedding I tried to keep it healthy by reducing heat styling and the frequency with which I was colouring it. I have to say that since then I haven’t really gone back to my hair destroying ways, and other than a little rough blow dry and the odd tong I have mostly left it to its own devices. Sadly, this hasn’t helped as my hair has become really dry and even more unruly and I have noticed a lot more split ends than usual!

Prior to taking the scissors to it in a more drastic approach I thought I would try out the Envy Dual Fix 12 treatment that promises to improve the condition of your hair and help blow dry and styling results. It delivers a high impact paraben-free blend of hydrolysed silk proteins and keratin amino acids with 12 incredible benefits for smoother, glossier hair that’s easier to manage. It aims to target damaged areas and attract moisture to give you instant and long lasting results.
This treatment can be used in two ways. I went for the intensive option which involves application of the mousse from roots to ends onto dry unwashed hair. I then rough dried my hair with a hairdryer. Following this I rinsed, shampooed (twice) and conditioned as normal. Alternatively for regular use you can shampoo your hair, rinse, apply the foam generously to wet hair, leave for 1 minute, rinse and condition as normal.
The foam texture makes the treatment very easy to apply as it doesn’t drip or leave your hair soaking wet. I did find this took a little bit of time for my long hair and I felt like I was using a lot of product, but as usual foams tend to be a little deceptive in that afterwards a quick shake of the bottle revealed plenty of product left.
Overall, I am really pleased with the results of this treatment. Unlike many oil based deep conditioning treatments I have used in the past the Envy DualFix 12 hasn’t left my hair feeling lank and heavy and instead it feels bouncy and light with a little more gloss and life. The split ends are obviously still present, but as the overall texture of my hair has improved they are definitely less noticeable and my hair feels and looks much less brittle. I usually blow dry just the front section and while my hair had not been participating very well in this with frizz and flyaways all around this morning’s efforts were rewarded with groomed and shiny locks. Success!
I wouldn’t say this treatment is too intensive and being light I could see it working really well on thinner hair that can be prone to product build up. I sometimes prefer a richer deep conditioning mask as my hair is pretty dry, but I liked the fact that this one was so easy to use and didn’t require endless shampooing to remove product. I plan to continue to use it regularly alongside my normal shampoo and conditioner and look forward to seeing how the condition of my hair improves with further applications!

Have you ever tried Envy Dual Fix 12 Treatment? What did you think of it? Do you have any hair treatments you love and could recommend?

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