Saturday, 29 June 2013

Magdalene May Ball 2013

With a full time job and a wedding to save up for it's not often these days that I get to have a really extravagant night out. However, the fiance and I decided that this year we would once again return to the Magdalene May Ball and indulge in some nostalgia.
I chose a black MaxMara Pianoforte ball gown that has been hanging in my wardrobe for the last 10 years! The last time I wore this I was 16! It was a special gift from my mama to wear for my first ever ball at school and having carefully preserved it for a decade I decided that this would be the perfect time to revive it. The dress itself is pretty simple as it is made up of layers of black material. The netting underskirt really gives it the vavavoom, however it can feel a little overwhelming so I tied the belt in a kimono style (tying it around twice with a bow at the front) to add some definition to my waist.
I paired it with simple black heels that had soft feather detailing to match my feathery ASOS bag. I also kept jewelery very minimal as such a classic dress requires very little. I finished off the outfit with a simple diamond tennis bracelet and long Swarovski crystal earrings.
For my hair I used my trusty Babyliss rollers. I decided on a half up, half down style to ensure my hair stayed in place all night and secured it at the back with a beautiful silver feather comb the fiance got me for Christmas. When it came to makeup  I reverted to form with a silver and black smokey eye topped with false lashes. 
We had such a fabulous night! Though I didn't quite make it all the way to the survivors photo at 7am, especially after being at work during the day, I am so happy we took a little time out of our busy schedules to sample all the delights that were on offer!
As much as I love having a career I do sometimes miss those carefree student days! Going back to work felt very sombre the next day. Oh well, time to look forward to 2015! xxx


  1. Your dress is beautiful and so are you! the ball looks like great fun. xx

  2. Wow Natalya you look absolutely stunning. You have the most gorgeous and unique features.

  3. Your dress is beautiful!


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