Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Win While You're Spinning!

On my quest to shape up for Summer I have decided it's time to take this exercise malarkey seriously. I have joined my local gym (David Lloyd) and have signed up to a spinning club near my office so that I no longer have any excuses, even if I'm working late!

Having never attempted spinning before I was quite apprehensive before my first class. As the fiance can tell you (being a mountain biking expert with thighs of steel) I am far from comfortable on a bike. So much so that he has actually banned me from riding in central London as my lack of skill, balance and spacial awareness makes me a danger on the road! Lucky for me spinning requires none of these, especially as the bikes are so well secured you have no chance of toppling off.  I have to say that after 3 classes I can see why people find it so addictive!
The club I have joined is Cyclebeat. It's a great location minutes away from Bank and Monument stations and having just opened last week everything is lovely, clean and new. All the cycling is done in one studio with some loud, heavy music, and mood lighting complete with a disco ball. All the instructors are really encouraging and pick the tunes to go with each workout so you get lost in the music and forget about the pain. I'm not going to lie, it is hard work and the stairs will be a challenge the next morning, but unlucky for us ladies we can't burn 600 calories in 45 minutes by lying on the sofa watching Geordie Shore and eating cake :(.
Cyclebeat have a great introductory offer where you can enjoy unlimited classes for 30 days for just £30! Given that exercise classes in London tend to hover around £15 per hour this is a fantastic deal that I highly recommend and plan to take full advantage of.

Are you a fan of spinning? Do you have any fun exercise classes in London that you can recommend?

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  1. Oh yes i would love to be able to lose calories eating cake! Lol David LLoyd are great gyms with state of the art facilities so should help you stay motivated :) Do u do sports? I used their badminton courts, badminton may be a fairly easy sport but boy was i in pain the next day lol

    Good Luck with your fitness plan spinning is meant to be really good for burning fat!


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