Tuesday, 20 March 2012

L'Oreal Lumi Magique

After reading the breakdown of the products used in LFW I noticed that L'Oreal's new Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation was all over the catwalks. I was particularly lusting after the milky, natural skin seen in the Mulberry show, which used both the LM primer and foundation. 
I therefore jumped at the chance to try the collection which includes a trio of luminising products - Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation, Lumi Magique Touch of Light Highlighting Pen and Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer.
I don't want to make this review too long, so let's concentrate on the foundation first. The Lumi Magique foundation is designed to illuminate and revitalise the look of dull skin with instant radiance. It claims to provide 24 hour hydration and 14 hour luminosity (not sure how this is measured?), while being oil free and non-comedogenic.
I was sent C1 Rose Pearl, which is the lightest in the selection of 6 shades. It is a real shame that there is a limited range to choose from, but I have found that to be the case in all too many a drugstore foundation (this topic really deserves a post of its own). 
The foundation itself has a light consistency, and as you can see from the above is pretty thin and runny. This makes it super easy to blend into the skin and it looks very natural once applied and feels light and fresh. It has a light/ medium coverage and evens the skin beautifully, while adding that illusive glow.
The photo above is unedited (other than cropping) and shows two pumps of foundation applied with a large flat topped brush. The coverage isn't heavy, letting the skin show through and giving it a clean, dewy and natural finish. As I have some larger pores around my nose I was worried that it could highlight these, but luckily it sits on the skin very evenly, without highlighting flaws. It offers just that little bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser so I did find that I needed to add concealer on any blemishes and redness. Plus, as my skin can get quite oily in the t-zone throughout the day I like to set it with a powder, so after this photo was taken I applied my usual makeup.
The foundation still looked quite glowy, even when set with powder and definitely gave my skin that extra bit of life! Throughout the day I did notice that my forehead, nose and chin did become shiny, but that was easily fixed with some blotting or extra powder. Lumi Magique isn't particularly long lasting, especially on oily skin, but I would recommend it for those with dry skin as it is very smooth and feels hydrating.

The new L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation is available for £10.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

So what do you think? Does the Lumi Magique foundation look luminous? Have you tried this new foundation? Are you tempted to pick it up? What is the most important aspect of your foundation? Is it oil control, lasting time, coverage or indeed 'luminosity'? xxx


  1. This makes your skin look amazing! :) I have really dry skin so this might be one for me to check out once my Healthymix has run out! xxx

  2. Your skin looks incredible! I'm always searching for that perfect dewy/glowy skin :)x


  3. your skin looks fantastic!

  4. This looks amazing on your skin! I found that it made me really oily throughout the day :( shame because it's such a nice foundation! xx

  5. Wow love the way your skin looks! I wonder if its similar to Mac's Face and Body Foundation

  6. you have the most gorgeous skin.. it glows!

  7. This looks really good, your skin is amazing.

    Jess x

  8. omg your first photo looks flawless, is it your normal skin or the foundation!?! I would like to try this foundation on my skin too


  9. Your skin looks really good!




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