Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's all about the lips...

I will put my hand up and admit I am not a fan of Fearne Cotton. She annoys me.. there I said it ;). However, when I was shown a selection of makeup for her line exclusive to Boots I was very much excited by the lip sets. It's All About the Lips in Natural is a gorgeous, wearable trio of lip liner, lipstick and gloss.
What I particularly like about this set is the difference in textures between the products, which lets you create different looks and play with different shades of nude. The lipliner is a deeper, more rosy nude that can create a matte look, the lipstick is a light, creamy pink that looks great paired with a smokey eye and the gloss is shimmery, without being overly glittery, to add some vibrancy to the nude palette.
Top - lipliner, Middle - lipstick, Bottom - gloss, Left - all three.
The above was created using all three (sparingly) to create a beautifully irridescent, natural nude lip.

I am really impressed with this set and look forward to sampling more of the range in the future. This line is exclusive to Boots and retails at £10 (here), not bad for 3 products!

Have you tried any of Fearne's range at Boots? xxx


  1. ooo exiting!

  2. Looks natural and bright... (: I never heard about this brand. Thnks for share. xoxo

  3. Vow...beautiful lips..The combination of lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss makes the lips very attractive and shiny. I like those shades very much.

  4. You're a proud woman, Natalya. I think modeling for the lipsticks is a plus! You're even more confident to show off your mouth here. Do you use teeth whitening products, btw? I couldn't help but notice how good your teeth are!


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