Tuesday, 16 February 2010

OPI Designer Series- Extravagance

I haven't done one of these NOTD posts for a while, but I just had to share this colour with you all!
This is two coats of OPI extravagance from the Designer Series. This is what I think of when someone describes a polish as holographic. It has so much dimension and seems to glow from within.
Unlike other glittery polishes this one still looks multi-dimensional in natural light, but in artificial lights it really begins to dance. The lights in my bedroom are similar to those deceiving halogen spotlights you get in most stores. I'm sure you all know the ones! (They make everything look so pretty in the shop, but when you get it home it's just a bit 'blah'). This has resulted in me endlessly staring at my nails in a quest to figure out exactly what colours are in this magical polish. I can see pink, silver, orange, green and even blue glitter particles. Yumm!!

Well done OPI, but now please stop distracting me with your irridescence and let me get some work done! :)
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