Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The makeup marathon?

On Friday I had to get ready in a hurry (thank you bf for short notice!) for a formal dinner. At times like this, when I know I have to look the part with minimum fuss, I go back to basics. So I thought I would share with you my little routine for knocking their socks off in under 20 minutes ;).

Before I start I make sure my skin is clean and I take 5 minutes to put my hair up in hot rollers. I usually do my eyes first as I know when I am in a hurry there will be fall out and I will just get flustered trying to clean up. First eyebrows are filled in with powder, no matter how rushed you are please don't forget about your brows! For eyes I stick to 3 shadows- lid, crease, highlight, followed by thick eyeliner and lashes. Yes, false lashes are not for those in a hurry, but they usually take me under 60 seconds flat and I figure that lashes will give your eyes extra impact so there is no need to mess around with shadows too long. (Here I used UDPP, MAC digit all over lid, violet pigment mixed with carbon in crease, vapour as highlight)

I then like to use a pretty full coverage foundation as this saves time with concealer and I know it will last the night. My top pic is Maybelline's superstay 16hr silky foundation (if you want a review please leave me a comment). I may add a little Bobbi Brown corrector under the eyes to counteract the blue, but apart from that the foundation will cover all other flaws. I then set foundation with MAC MSF natural, add a little laguna bronzer, a sweep of blusher and lipgloss and I'm done.
I have always been more of a sprint than a marathon runner ;).

So by the time the makeup is finished and I am dressed I take out the rollers, and after a quick tease and pin I am out the door, or as Calvin Harris eloquently puts it "I put on my shoes and I'm ready for the weekend" ;).

This time I decided to tease a little more at the crown, and pin back the top half as I was traveling for 2 hours and wanted everything to stay in place. As you guys know I never wear a middle parting, but I was inspired by a photo of a 60s starlet to go a little retro.

What is your routine for getting ready in a hurry? Do you have any time saving tips?


  1. wow your eyes loook fabulous you have so much precision and patience !

  2. Lovely as usual! The middle parting suits you. :)
    Could you please do a review on the foundation? :)

  3. wow you really are very beautiful! Makeup looks great. I wish mine would look that good so quickly, but i get flustered easily when in a hurry :)

    Melissa x

  4. Very pretty :) Yes I would like a review I am very interest in different foundations especially those with full coverage :)

  5. Fab post hun and you look stunning as ever!! :) xxx

  6. Looks lovely! when i'm getting ready in a hurry, I just grab an eyeliner pencil (usually black) and draw a line from the outer corner of my crease to half way and then smudge it, it's super quick and looks as if you have at least 2 shades on. :)

  7. i usually do a quick wash of a neutral color on my lids and go for a bold lip!

  8. Hi,Im a new follower! lovely blog...can you please tell me the name of your current hair colour, Its exactly the red im after for xmas! please check out my blog..

  9. hey are so pretty and i love ur videos.. can u pls suggest some foundation and concealer for oily acne prone skin...thanks a lot

  10. Hi, my routine is quite similar, but whenever I'm in a hurry I do everything except for the eyes in the car. Pressed foundation/blush and lipstick.. aren't messy and don't require much precision, so it's a great time saver. :)

  11. You look so gorgeous! If I'm in a real hurry, I'll concentrate on getting my foundation fine, then slapping on some mascara and gloss and then I'm out the door. If I have a bit more time, I'll do blush and shadow.

  12. Dearest Natalya You are always so Stunning I loved this in a hurry look much love oxox Melinda P.S. Kisses For Maxie The Prince

  13. I do a quick neutral or regular smokey eye, (which ever matches the outfit) litle bit of blush and lipstick, french braid my bangs, and clip it back. Then just flip in the ends of my hair and I'm ready to go!

    Check out my blog! It's all about fashion and style!

  14. I normally, just use moisturizer, cream blusher then the compact blusher, and the mineral foundation powder. Then I put highlights on cheekbones and the brow bone and eyeliner..

    Off I go!! oh!! Lipbalm and lipstick!

  15. i want to see the makeup tutorial on ur black and yellow eye shadow and eye liner


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