Tuesday 11 January 2011

Hold Me

I think you will agree with me when I say the worst part of any trip is the packing, and makeup is no exception. So when I was given the chance to review a new makeup bag that promises to make the whole process a little easier I was very happy to try it out!
The design of the Hold Me case is fantastic as it incorporates features of a toiletries organiser, makeup bag and brush roll all in one. The exterior of the bag is made of a tough, black, suede-like fabric, which looks stylish and classic against the white stitching. I also like the fact that there are no tricky clasps, velcro or flimsy magnetic closures, but a simple self-tie, which means the bag can expand to fit more, or be tied tighter to take up minimal luggage space.

This is the Miss Suki bag, which features a fun, colourful cartoon design. The fabric is easy to clean as it is over-laid with plastic, so high altitude explosions of foundation can be quickly wiped away without fear of damaging the bag ;). I used this bag on my recent ski trip, and it worked perfectly as everything was in one place, on display and easily accessible. It also saves time unpacking once you have reached your destination and doesn't take up counter space. For once the bf had no right to complain about me monopolising the bathroom with all my little 'potions' ;).

So what did I bring with me? Below is my fail safe travel kit:
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
  •  Bobbi Brown Corrector 
  • NARS Laguna Bronzer
  • ELF Pink Mineral Blush
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
  • NARS Madrague Eyeshadow Duo (for brows)
  • L'Oreal Carbon Gloss liner
  • ELF All Over Colour Stick in Persimmon
  • L'ancome Hypnose Mascara
  • Clear Mascara 
  • MAC Dazzleglass
  • YSL Tuxedo Lipstick
  • MAC Smokey Eyes palette
  • ELF Quad - MAC e/s vapour, wedge, scene and knight devine
  • Made from Earth Vanilla Lipbalm
  • MAC Cremecup lipstick
Do you have a favourite makeup organiser? What are your essential products and travel tips? xxx


  1. Oh wow these look fabulous! I love bags that make organisation easier :) Might have to check this out!

  2. Wow it seems to hold quite a lot of stuff. I like the suede fabric too.

  3. These look awesome! Shame they are so expensive though x

  4. This is awesome, love how accessible everything is. And the print is adorable! x

  5. oh, oh, oh! i NEED this! i can't even tell you how much space all my junk needs in a suit case because my makeup and toiletries go in separate bags. thanks for sharing, natalya!

  6. This is exactly what I've been looking for - it makes everything so easy to get to! I'll definitely be having a close look at these..! x

  7. Hi Natalochka, hope your week is going well. You know, I don't carry tons of make up with me, so a small make up bag is more or less does it for me, but I must admit, if I had a chance to have one of this, I'd want to buy and use it just because it's so chic. I am in love with the dark colour of the bag and contrast stitching, this combo makes it look expensive.


  8. This thing is amazing! I really love how you fit so much in but it takes such little space. I'm always travelling for work so something like this would be perfect. The best tip I can give for people who travel often is to keep a vanity bag packed full of mini's & a spare toothbrush/paste so that you're not always packing the same things!


  9. I think these bags look wonderful, however I'm rather disappointed with their shipping costs to the UK. US$27.50 is just extortionate! Do you know if they have any local stockists?

  10. @Little Rus - I love the stitching detail too, so classic! I would never dream of carrying this much with me on a daily basis - but for a week or two away, when you have some glamorous nights out planned ;), I think it is perfect! xx

  11. @star_violet - as far as I know they are a small brand, but I shall inquire if there is any other way to get hold of them in the UK for you :). xx

  12. Wow! How awesome, that's a great product. Thanks for sharing Natalya! See you tonight :) Happy Hump Day xoxo Roz

  13. Sorry Natalya I flat out lied to you dear =( BUT it was purely accidental!! I said in a comment on your latest video that I subbed to your blog... Well I do frequent your blog, often (maybe its adjacent to one I follow) but I never actually subscribed!! I THOUGHT I had and I've spent the past 20 mins looking for your recent update at my Dashboard (the program that keeps track of all the blogs I follow) No wonder it wasn’t there! It is now so I'll be able to keep up with your blog.
    Anyway, since I'm here, may I say that I love your channel and I miss your frequent videos. =) You’re beautiful, sweet and talented!
    I dropped in here because, I'm curious about the cult classic-Nars Laguna. Since you wore it in your latest tutorial, I'm hoping I can too. I'm light complected and you're fairly light too, right? What is your shade dear? LOL !! That’s all I actually wanted to ask.
    Cheers!! Kat

  14. That is impressive! Nice bag too :)

  15. I too was offered a sample for review but I felt it was too expensive for most people so declined it! I am now wishing I had one as it looks great!

  16. Awesome stuff! I love your blog :)


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